Odin Poker Accused Of Assisting Cheating In Poker

Last Updated on March 14, 2023 Author:Adrian Sterne

Odin PokerSummary

  • Odin Poker found removes 20 second software delay for RTA
  • Odin Poker heavily promotes 20 second delay removal to bring in more sales
  • Poker players accuse Odin Poker of assisting cheating in poker!

A large majority of the online poker community will not be aware of Odin Poker as it isn’t a mainstream poker software provider.

Odin Poker is one of the many poker training tools that offers real time assistance (RTA) to poker players by giving them the ability to carry out a data analysis of hundreds of looks and spots of different flop bets, their sizes and preflop bets by making use of PioSolver Analysis Tools.

Odin Poker Removes 20 Second Delay For More Sales

Odin Poker which launched in July 2021 has used a 20 second delay in its software to prevent players from getting immediate results. The company promoted its software heavily during the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament and event went on to sigh German high stakes poker pro Fedor Holz who has since parted ways with the company.


Rory Young, Founder of Odin Poker made a surprise announcement on Feb 28, 2023 when he informed users that Odin Poker would no longer use the 20 second delay. The company also launched a promotional e-mail campaign reminding its e-mail list that the 20 second delay was no longer in place and encouraged them to purchase the software.

Odin Poker Accused Of Encouraging Cheating In Poker

A number of prominent poker players were upset to learn that Odin Poker had removed their 20 second delay and was heavily promoting the 20 second delay removal to bring in more sales.

With the 20 second delay removed, it provides players who use the software with immediate results, thereby giving them an unfair advantage over the rest of the playing field (i.e. players who are not using the software) and the end result is that it encourages cheating in poker.

Ryan Laplante who runs a poker training site called LearnProPoker lashed out at Rory Young and accused of wanting to profit by any means as the 20 second removal will encourage cheating in poker and not help the poker industry. Vanessa Kade also pointed out why it was important to act ethically in the online poker community.

Rory Young defended his decision by claiming he reached out to other poker software providers to get them to agree to stand by the 20 second delay but got no response which led him to remove the 20 second delay from his software!

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