New Jersey Poker Sites – User Figures Released March 28, 2018 Adrian Sterne

New Jersey Poker Sites – User Figures Released

 Poker News February 10, 2014 by  Adrian Sterne

New JerseyWe have just seen a set of figures that have been released which shows that out of 690 people who are known to be visitors and users of land based casinos who regularly visit land based casinos in the State of New Jersey only around 3 percent of those players have opted to gamble and play at an online poker or casino site which holds a full online gambling license in New Jersey State.

This is an interesting set of figures for it does show that in the early stages of the New Jersey States more relaxed attitude to online gambling in general the amount of residents opting to try out this new way of gambling is not as popular as was first expected.

With all of the currently legal New Jersey State online gambling sites showering their new customers with all manner of little extras it was hoped by those recently launched online poker sites and online casino sites that those figures would be much higher, and whether this 3% figure is likely to rise only remains to be seen!

Many other US States are watching closely the results and player activity of online poker and online casino sites available to New Jersey State residents as it is hoped that in the very near future, if it proves to be as popular as was first thought that other US States would then open up their boundaries and embrace online gambling.

Many US States are secretly hoping that online gambling does take off for if they then legalize it in their jurisdictions the revenues earned from licensing and gambling taxes would be a welcome boost to their finances, but with only 3% of known gamblers actually bothering to play online these figures do make slightly dim reading.

However it is of course only the early days of legalized online gambling in New Jersey and once the citizens and residents of these States get to know about and try it out then it is hoped those figures will soon reach double figures, however this may take slightly longer than expected.

However online gambling sites know what online players want and look for and as such we can expect the new customer and existing customer bonus offers and player comps to possibly get more and more generous as they attempt to get more customers and players signing up, so some rather tempting poker offers will surely start to flow in the very near future!

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