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Microgaming launches Achievements on their Poker Network

 Poker News November 15, 2013 by  Adrian Sterne

Microgaming AchievementsWhilst it is any poker players aim to bag as many pots as they can when playing cash games online, there are certain times during their online poker playing when certain things happen during their poker playing career that gives them bragging rights!

Microgaming have always been aware that players utilizing their Microgaming Poker Network like to brag about certain hands they may have been dealt when playing, along with a whole array of other poker playing situations and events.

This has led to them just announcing that they are launching what they term as Achievements, this is a way of rewarding players using their poker network for taking part and completing a set of different challenges when playing poker at any site using their poker platform and one that has these new Achievements loaded up and live.

So if you are interested in a more rounded and enjoyable type of online poker playing experience then do keep on reading, whilst it still goes without saying you will be wanting to take part in many online poker games and win as many of them as you can, by taking part in these challenges it doesn’t matter if you are a more recreational type of online poker player or a more professional type of poker player, they will certainly liven up your poker playing sessions online when playing at a Microgaming networked poker site!

These new Achievements that have just gone live today include one called “Pimp My Client” this is aimed at new online poker players and allows them to completely configure their Microgaming software client to their own taste.

A Chatterbox type of Achievement is going to be bestowed on poker players who fully interact with their fellow players and enjoy a much more social and community based type of poker playing session.

One Achievement which all online poker players will want to get is the Cliché Collector award and this is bestowed on player who manages to get dealt to them some of the best poker hands possible during their online play time.

Several other of these Achievements that you can earn during your playing career on the Microgaming Poker Network include an All Rounder awarded, an Early Bird Award and a Live Wire award plus a rather unusually name Bing Blang Blaow Award.

Visit any of our Microgaming software powered poker sites for more details and start earning your Achievements straight away!

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