Major Poker Rooms in England Lift All COVID-19 Restrictions

Last Updated on July 21, 2021 Author:Adrian Sterne

United KingdomIt’s business as usual in England as residents celebrate “Freedom Day“. All of the final COVID-19 restrictions have now been lifted across the country in a bid to restart the local economy and make a return to normalcy.

Brits are now allowed to go out without wearing masks, with social distancing requirements also scrapped. The remaining closed establishments, including nightclubs have also reopened. But Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged everyone to remain cautious and continue to take part in the country’s vaccination program, amid a recent rise in COVID-19 cases.

England’s live poker scene is alive again, with poker rooms now operating without limitations, though they are still implementing certain safety protocols, including cleaning and disinfecting their facilities, and conducting tests on staff.

Just like most recreation and entertainment venues throughout England, casinos and poker rooms won’t be requiring vaccine certification from their customers. Players only need to present a valid ID before they can start playing.

The remaining restrictions were removed on July 19 and now the wearing of facemasks is no longer mandatory in some of the biggest live poker rooms in England. Plexiglass dividers have also been removed, and players are not required to provide information as to their health status.

Let’s take a look at what’s currently in place at the major UK poker rooms across the country.

The Hippodrome

PokerStars Live at London’s Hippodrome Casino has increased its capacity, with up to eight players now allowed to be seated at each table. Those who prefer six-handed tables will still be accommodated.

The wearing of facemask is optional, and plexiglass barriers have been discarded. Players are still advised to use hand sanitizers once per round. They are readily available at all tables.


Grosvenor operates more than 25 casinos in the whole of England and all of them have since lifted all pandemic-related restrictions: no more mandatory wearing of facemasks, no more plexiglass dividers, but they are available upon request from players.

Grosvenor’s poker rooms now run nine or ten-handed tournaments, and players can also now play at eight or nine-handed cash game tables. The venues will still conduct regular cleaning of their facilities as a basic safety protocol.

Dusk Till Dawn

Those itching to enter Dusk Till Dawn will have to wait a little longer as the poker room still remains closed as of this writing. Owner Rob Yong is taking no chances when it comes to the health and safety of players and staff. While restrictions have been removed throughout England, the continuous rise in COVID-19 cases still remain a major concern for Yong.

The other huge poker rooms in the country, including Aspers and those owned by Caesars Entertainment are also operating without restrictions, just like most of their counterparts.

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