Kevin “KMart” Martin Has Started a Unique Poker Challenge on Twitch

Last Updated on March 13, 2024 Author:Gabrielle Monet

Kevin MartinSummary:

  • Iconic streamer and poker star has started a wild poker bankroll challenge.
  • Abandoned his entire bankroll to prove that it is possible to restart from zero.
  • He will be streaming the challenge 24/7 live on his Twitch channel.

Professional poker player Kevin “KMart” Martin has initiated one of the wildest poker bankroll challenges in history.

On Wednesday, the player/streamer officially dropped his entire bankroll in an attempt to go from $0 to a brand new bankroll of $5,000 while having all community eyes on him.

Showing People “Heart, Hustle in Poker”

In other words, he wants to see if he can start his poker career all over again, from scratch, while streaming everything nonstop.

The GGPoker ambassador explained that he began his career “in the micros“, spinning it from nothing to achieve what he’s created to this day and that he “always wanted to revisit it”.

Since it’s been a decade since he started, Martin considers it to be a

Great chance to put away all my money and restart with zero. Just want to show people heart, hustle in poker, you can just spin it up in this industry

Martin wishes to build a $5,000 bankroll, exactly the sum he had when he started his professional poker career.

Setting the Record for the Longest Poker Player Stream

I wanted a truly original idea that has never been done before.”, said Martin during his Twitch stream while driving to the “first real job” he has had in the past 10 years.

The professional poker player and content creator recently landed a gig at Pingles Farm in an attempt to get “a little juice” to get his bankroll started. He also pawned a few of his items for the same purpose.

I want to test myself”, said Martin on his live stream while answering a viewer question, adding that he wanted to see if he could be on stream nonstop “like the Truman Show” and “spin it up from zero”.

He also said that he wanted to try to “make a masterpiece in content”, a big project that he will never do again but that will forever be remembered in the poker community.

This is a pure soul project where I want to create something beautiful for the poker world. Yeah, obviously if it can blow up, that would be great, but yeah, no additional side bets

The poker pro who is also a reality TV star who appeared on Poker After Dark: Game of Gold in 2023 and competed on Big Brother Canada twice, admitted he wants to “set a record for longest stream for a poker player in history.”

Besides the nonstop live streaming on the popular gaming platform, Martin will also constantly freshen up his YouTube channel with shorts and videos containing a complete summary of the day, along with Instagram shorts.

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