Irish Poker Dealer Avoids Jail Time After Helping To Rob Dublin Card Club

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David WrightSummary

  • David Wright admitted to stealing cash and cigarettes from a card club in Dublin
  • He was working as a poker dealer at the club when the robbery took place
  • The judge considered his good character and positive probation report in handing the suspended sentence

A professional poker dealer has received a suspended sentence for his involvement in a robbery at a casino where he previously worked.

David Wright, 36, helped a robber steal cash and cigarettes worth over €50,000 from his former employer, the Fitzwilliam Card Club in Dublin, Ireland. The Tallaght, South Dublin resident pleaded guilty to the crime in August 2018.

The Crime

Wright was working as a poker dealer at the Fitzwilliam Card Club when a robber attacked an employee of the cash and carry business JR Byrne while he was trying to deliver cash and cigarettes to the casino. The employee mistook the thief for a jogger until he jumped upon him and attempted to grab the box he was carrying.

The culprit then threatened to kill the employee if he did not let go of the box. The victim refused to give in to his demands and both got into a scuffle. The thief managed to run off with the box which contained €50,000 cash and €700 worth of cigarettes.

An investigation by Irish police confirmed that two vehicles were involved in the raid – a Skoda Octavia and a Silver Saab. Wright was identified as the owner of the Octavia and was caught on CCTV driving the vehicle in the area just before the robbery took place.

Investigators also uncovered cash lodgments of €2,500 and €1,100 involving Wright made in the weeks after the crime. Wright had access to information about cash movements at the club as he was on duty on multiple occasions when the JR Byrne employee delivered cash to the venue.

Wright’s lawyer Anne Marie Lawlor said his client was forced to provide information to his acquaintance about cash movement at the casino out of fear. The police who arrested the defendant said he was “extremely remorseful” for his actions.

Wright Receives Suspended Sentence

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court Judge Pauline Codd said Wright betrayed his former employer which constituted a breach of trust. However, the judge decided to hand him a suspended sentence, citing his guilty plea, positive probation report, and expressions of remorse.

The suspended sentence comes with certain conditions, such as that the Irish Poker dealer Wright keeps the peace and be of good behavior.

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