GGPoker Could Move Ahead With Season 2 Production Of ‘Game of Gold’ November 22, 2023 Adrian Sterne

GGPoker Could Move Ahead With Season 2 Production Of ‘Game of Gold’

 Poker News November 22, 2023 by  Adrian Sterne

Game of Gold - Poker After Dark TV ShowSummary:

  • GGPoker has received a strong response to its initial season of Game of Gold
  • The new poker reality TV show has received over 100,000 views on YouTube
  • GGPoker likely to moved ahead with Season 2 production due to Season 1 success

When you launch something new in the global poker market, you never know how things will pan out as not everything ends up a success.

When GGPoker initially announced that it had something big in the pipeline, the poker community was expecting the launch of another big online poker tournament.

GGPoker surprised everyone when it revealed that it had put together a new poker TV reality show called ‘Game of Gold’. The first episode of Poker After Dark: Game of Gold was launched on Nov 10 and it received an extremely positive response. The poker community was pleasantly surprised with the production and unique spin that the show had.


GGPoker decided to put together a total of 12 episodes of the show and has since released the first 5 episodes on its YouTube channel. The initial episode ended up getting over 300,000 views and all 5 episodes now have over 100,000 views each. The remaining 7 episodes will be released before the end of 2024 with the 12 th and final episode expected to be released as early as Dec 4.

The global poker community has been very impressed with Game of Gold and have taken to different social media platforms to discuss the show and leave their comments. Due to the strong response from the poker community, there is likely to be a second season for Game of Gold.

The reality show has a total of 16 players compete for nearly half a million in prize money. Apart from the prize money, each of the participants also get free promotion which helps to build their brand.

Game of Gold – Season 2 On The Cards

Due to the positive response to Season 1, GGPoker Creative Director Spunky Hwang has indicated that there are discussions for a potential Season 2 of the show. Hwang who served as the Producer and Director for Season 1 has indicated that Season 2 could be a lot more intense and a number of mysterious elements could be added to the show to increase the excitement.

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