Ex-Poker Pro Anna Khait In Trouble For Allegedly Engaging In Plot to Spy on FBI

Last Updated on May 14, 2021 Author:Juan Blanco

Anna KhaitFormer Survivor contestant and poker player Anna Khait has been accused of being part of an alleged plot to spy on FBI and other US government officials. The story, published in The New York Times, identifies Khait as one of the female undercover operatives for conservative group Project Veritas.

Khait and her cohorts allegedly attempted to arrange dates with FBI employees so they could record them making derogatory comments about President Donald Trump. The recorded statements would then be used to discredit the bureau.

Khait was allegedly involved in a number of operations, among them was spying on a State Department employee in an attempt to discredit the government. According to the report, Project Veritas rented a large home in Georgetown, Washington for $10,000 a month to carry out the operations. The alleged spies lived in the house while the plot was being conducted.

Female undercover operatives who were assigned with code names, such as “Brazil” and “Tiger“, allegedly created dummy accounts on dating apps to entice FBI employees. They would then meet with their targets with a hidden camera and microphone.

One of the women involved in the operations was allegedly Khait, though it wasn’t clear what code name she used. The former Survivor contestant was allegedly part of an operation targeting a State Department employee back in 2018. According to Times, Khait did not issue any comment on the allegations, but the 32-year-old recently took to social media deny the claims.

Khait Denies Spying Claims

On Twitter, Khait vehemently denied what she described as “baseless” accusations, and labeled the article from the New York Times as “fake news“. The Russian-born ex-poker pro said journalists were supposed to keep the government in check and not attack those who are “doing their job“.

Khait has always been involved in controversies. Her Twitter posts in particular have often become the subject of criticism on social media. In 2020, she attacked the poker community and described members as “self-righteous” and “hypocritical” lefties after some poker fans and players called her out for her controversial actions.

In 2019, her anti-gay sentiments also sparked a debate on social media. She also referred to the COVID-19 crisis as a “Democratic hoax” and said getting a vaccine and wearing a mask just make no sense.

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