BetFred Poker Now a Top Tier iPoker Site

Last Updated on March 10, 2014 Author:Adrian Sterne

BetfredThe Playtech iPoker Network is one of the most popular poker networks available to online poker players, however what many players do not know that the actual poker site operators that use this poker network are not all able to offer you access to the player base from all other poker sites in the network until they have proved to Playtech that they can and regularly do attract a certain number of regular poker players.

The iPoker Network is therefore a multi tier network from an operators point of view and when any poker site opens and launches on this network then they start off at the lowest level and have to supply a steady stream of poker players to their site and get them to play regularly for real money.

When and only when that poker site proves they have a large enough player bases and one that continues to grow each and every month will the iPoker Network then move them up to the highest tier.

By reaching the highest ties of the iPoker Network can that poker site then allow their players to play against poker players using different poker sites on the iPoker Network! This is what BetFred have now managed to do and as such when you are playing on the BetFred Poker site you are going to be playing not only BetFred Poker registered players but also players from other sites such as the William Hill Poker site.

The main advantage of this is that when you are now playing at the BetFred Poker site you are going to find a very large number of players to sit down and play against whenever you choose to log into your account, and with more players that does of course mean there will be even more fish out there to play against and hopefully relieve them of their bankroll!

If you are interested in becoming a new player of the BetFred Poker site then it will pay dividends for you to checkout their Poker website for when you arrive on their website you are going to find full details of their new player sign up bonus offer, and it does have to be said there is a rather large and tempting poker bonus currently up for grabs from BetFred, so take a look at their website and do consider taking advantage of that sign up bonus whilst it is still on offer and available!

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