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BetfairIf you have studied the maths of the game of Texas Hold’em Poker and fully understand the value and winning chances of every hand you have been dealt, but do not appear to be having much luck playing against fellow players at either a land based poker venues or an online poker site, then one game which is going to definitely appeal to you is the game of Hold’em Exchange Poker.

This is a fun to play and very strategic game which is available nonstop at BetFair Poker, and unlike standard Texas Hold’em games you are not playing against fellow players you are instead playing a Betting Exchange variant of this very popular poker game.

The aim of this poker game is to simply wager on which hand you think will win the game, or alternatively which hand or hands you think will lose the game at the final stage of the game!

Before the game gets underway you are invited to place a wager, which is optional, on any one of four different hands, which at this stage have not been dealt any cards, will end up winning or losing the game.

The next stages of the game play just like a standard Texas Hold’em game, with each hand then being dealt their two pocket cards, once again you can bet on which hand you think will win or lose the game based on the two pocket cards you can see.

Next the three community cards are dealt out, and once again you can bet on which hand or hands you think will win or lose based on those three cards and the pocket cards, and then follows the final two stages of the games those being when the flop and river cards are dealt out.

The actual odds you can take at each stage of the game for selecting which hand or hands you think will win or lose will vary based on the odds of the hand winning or losing! This really is a game to get stuck into more so if you are a mathematically minded poker player.

You can of course view the game in action at the BetFair website, and remember that as you are able to place wagers on which hands you think will lose and which hand you think will ultimately win then it is of course possible to hedge your bets as the game progresses, which can often result in a guaranteed winning profit with some online poker tips!

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