Aussie Legend Shane Warne On a Roll At The 2015 WSOP

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Shane WarneThe main event of the 2015 World Series of Poker (WSOP) is currently underway at the Rio Convention Center in Las Vegas. The No Limit Hold ‘Em World Series of Poker Main Event had a buy-in of $10,000 and registered as many as 6,420 players and total prize money that is in excess of $AUD 80 million.

Some of the best poker players in the world along with some of the most popular celebrities and sports personalities from across the world signed up for the main event. Australian cricketing legend and playboy Shane Warne was one of the celebrities who registered and appears to be on a roll. The Australian is currently in the 25th spot at the end of day two and has accumulated $247,000 so far.

Warne is one of the most respected bowlers in the history of the game and is known for his aggressive and competitive spirit. He brought that to the poker table and surprised everyone including himself as this was his best showing in his poker career till date.

In a statement, Shane Warne said

Playing cricket, I was always about strategy, tactics, reading people, all that sort of stuff. When you sit at a poker table and you don’t know anyone, you’ve got to work out 10 people straightaway. Tournament poker, I really like testing myself against the best. I think my game has really improved a lot. I think I’ve got some moves that they didn’t quite expect me to have, which is nice. It’s always nice to surprise them because I think they underestimate me a little bit

Warne has taken up poker after retiring from cricket in 2005 and during the last ten years has worked hard on his game. He believes that a combination of mathematics and intuition is required for one to do well at the poker table. Warne prides himself on his intuition which he developed during his playing days as he tried to read batsmen’s minds and outthink them.

The cricketing legend spends most of his time these days between his commentary stints for Channel Nine and on the poker circuit. Once he winds up at the WSOP, Warne will most likely head over to the United Kingdom to cover the Ashes series. The first test match started on the 9th of July and Warne is following the game on television.

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