Will South Carolina Legalize Online Poker Sites?

Last Updated on May 28, 2014 Author:Adrian Sterne

South CarolinaWith there being an urgent need for additional taxes to be raised by many US States, several of them are looking at the possibility of legalizing online gambling sites such as Poker sites, as a way that they can increase their income without having to force rises on their respective citizens usual taxable purchases.

One US State that is facing a lot of problems, more so in regards to their road network is South Carolina. It has been estimated that the State has to find up to $20billion to fix and repair their road network, and State regulators are desperately looking at ways to raise this cash without putting the burden on residents directly.

The Democrat Party have therefore decided that in June of this year they are going to put a referendum to the residents of South Carolina, and this referendum will allow them to decide whether the State should begin to license and legalize online gambling sites.

The result of this referendum will, if it shows the citizens of South Carolina like the idea of obtaining additional revenue stream via licensing online gambling sites, will then pave the way for changes to the laws required to allow this to become a reality.

However, should residents show an interest in legalizing online gambling sites it will take quite a while for this to become a reality as a frame work for regulating such sites will then have to be put into place!

But as Nevada and New Jersey have already got a proven and very reliable framework in place, and are actively seeking other US States to join them in legalising online gambling sites by using a joint gaming license, it could be possible for South Carolina to simply allow their residents over the age of 21 to utilize sites licensed in any of those two jurisdictions.

This will see South Carolina then being able to get a share of the taxable revenues raised from citizens and residents of that US State without having to worry about the initial start up and ongoing costs of directly licensing online gambling sites themselves.

As this referendum is planned to take place in June, we will of course keep you fully updated and will let you know what the people of South Carolina decide, and whether it is going to soon be legal to play Poker online from anywhere in the US State boundaries.

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