Sometimes It Pays Off When You Back Phil Hellmuth

Last Updated on September 5, 2018 Author:Adrian Sterne

There are multiple ways in which you can make money by associating yourself with the game of poker.

You can play live poker and online poker enjoying multiple variants of the game, taking advantage of no deposit bonus offers.

You can also place wagers on popular poker events such as the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and see if the player you backed wins. There are also prop bets that are made on and by poker players and there is usually a sum of money up to be won.

One way to make money from the game of poker is to stake poker players so that they can raise enough funds for their buy-ins. There are a number of poker staking sites out there such as YouStake, ChipmeUp and TastyStakes that allow individuals from all over the world to go through a list of tournaments, events and players and then decide who they want to stake and how much they want to put down.

These poker staking sites offer a great break-up of the buy-in amount that needs to be raised, what percentage of the profit they will receive if their player ends up winning and what fees they will have to pay out to these staking sites.

Phil Hellmuth Stake Pays Off

While most of the players asking for cash to raise their buy-ins on these sites are rather unknown, sometimes some of the top poker pros such as Phil Hellmuth will put up a post asking to be staked. That Poker Hall of Famer (PHoF) did exactly this as he wanted to raise the buy-in for his ‘Poker After Dark’ tournament.

Patty Tillman who was going through a tough time financially after her husband was laid of from work decided to stake the ‘Poker Brat‘ and put down $100. Hellmuth has run hot and cold in recent times but he came good at the Poker After Dark tournament and cashed out with $213,500. Tillman received 0.25 percent of that payout which amounted to $836.50. While that may not be a lot of money it was still a 700 percent return on investment.

Tillman wasn’t the only one who benefited from staking Hellmuth. The ‘Poker Brat‘ revealed that over 105 YouStake customers had staked him and they all received a nice payout for backing him. This was only the fifth time that Hellmuth had put up a campaign on YouStake.

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