RGPS’s “Poker Industry Championship” To Be Held In November

Last Updated on September 20, 2019 Author:Stefan Nedeljkovic

RunGood Poker Series: The Poker Industry ChampionshipThe RunGood Poker Series (RGPS) is set to host the first ever “Poker Industry Championship” at Hard Rock Tulsa which will run from November 12-17.

The event, which is designed to recognise and celebrate the dedication and hard work of individuals working behind the poker backdrop is being made possible through the efforts of RGPS President Tana Karn.

The event will run for two days, starting off with a $135 8-Game Mixer on Monday night. The main highlight will be the $330 Poker Industry Championship taking place on Tuesday. No house rake will be deducted from the buy-in, with dealers getting $30.

When asked about what motivated him to host such an event, Karn said the idea came from his first-hand experience of the World Series of Poker Employee Event, which he had attended twice. Karn said the event served as an avenue for poker employees to enjoy and play the game while taking a break from their usual employee obligations. He said it was easy to see genuine happiness in the faces of those taking part in the event and the dealers even considered it as their “Main Event“.

Recounting his experience playing with dealers and other individuals working in the poker industry, Karn said the table talk was fantastic, with everyone exchanging words of encouragement. They also shared some light moments to alleviate the pressure of competition. Karn is particularly passionate about the dealers who he said are helping to keep poker alive.

Poker Industry Championship

The Poker Industry Championship is another event to showcase these people working behind the scenes, giving them a “superstar” moment. Karn said he had always wanted to reach out to those who work in the poker industry because they also love poker like everyone else in the community does.

Karn also praised Hard Rock Tulsa for providing such a great venue for the event. The casino’s goal coincides with the main aim of the dealers — to grow the game of poker. Hard Rock and RunGood have been partners for quite some time now and both are actively looking for new exciting things to offer to everyone.

Those who are keen on taking part in the inaugural Poker Industry Championship are required to show a valid gaming license or media badge upon registration. Karn said they will hold further discussions to expand what the “poker industry” really means. More people might be included in future events.

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