partypoker Closes Over 100 Accounts In First 3 Months Of 2022

Last Updated on May 6, 2022 Author:Adrian Sterne


  • The number of rogue accounts on partypoker continues to decline
  • Almost $15,000 has so far been redistributed to players this year
  • partypoker began its Safer Poker campaign in 2018 and it has proven effective

One of the world’s leading online poker sites partypoker has closed more than 100 fraudulent accounts so far this year.

In its latest report, the operator announced that nearly $15,000 has been seized and returned to the affected players in the first three months of 2022.

Bots Crackdown Effective

The figure is significantly lower than the amounts previously confiscated by the site, an indication that its ongoing crackdown on bots and rogue accounts is producing positive results.

In late 2018, partypoker began ramping up its efforts to ban unscrupulous accounts in a bid to create a safer, fairer, and more secure and safe environment for all its players.

A year later, the operator created waves when it decided to ban the use of heads-up displays (HUD) and other third-party tools, a measure eventually adopted by other major sites.

partypoker also strengthened its Poker Fraud Team, paying close attention to issues related to poker game integrity. The site’s fraud/integrity team is comprised of former professional pros, data scientists, GTO experts, and programmers working round the clock to spot potential cheaters, bots, and rogue accounts.

The site also pledged to be transparent in its fight against unscrupulous players by publishing a monthly report on the number of accounts banned alongside the amount of funds returned to players.

partypoker has so far closed down over 1,800 accounts and redistributed almost $2 million to players since it began publishing official data back in December 2018. Most of that amount was confiscated between 2018 and 2020.

Safer Poker Stats

partypoker has set up a dedicated webpage for its Safer Poker campaign detailing its third-party tools policy and the strategies and practices that players must avoid to avoid getting their accounts banned.

At the moment, partypoker prohibits the use of third-party tools designed to take advantage of other players and circumvent the site’s rules, such as bots. Players are also not allowed to use downloadable hand histories, HUDs, real-time assistance (RTA), and seating scripts.

The only third-party tools that can be used while the client is running include, among others, PartyCaption, StackAndTile, PlaceMint, TableTamer, SlotPokerPro, Universal Replayer, and Intuitive Tables.

Players are also discouraged from employing unethical tactics such as queuing and “ratholing“.

The site’s Safer Poker page displays the number of accounts banned each month alongside the amount of funds seized. The biggest seizure took place in December 2018 with more than $400,000 redistributed to affected players.

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