New Pokies Going Live at a Full Tilt Poker

Last Updated on January 17, 2014 Author:Adrian Sterne

Full Tilt PokerWe were quite surprised to learn this week that the Full Tilt Poker site have just announced that they are planning on launching and releasing a range of pokie games on their poker playing platform, and as such if you are both a fan of playing poker games and also like the thrill of playing pokie machines then you can now combine the two by becoming a player at the Full Tilt Poker site!

It has always been the case that players who are sign up to an online bingo site have always been able to access and play a large and very diverse range of pokie machines however this is the first time that we have heard of a poker site offering pokie machines to their players!

If you are wondering just how diverse the range pokie games is going to be at the Full Tilt Poker site then it is expected that they are going to carry every single category of pokie games which are being slowly added to their gaming platform in the coming months, and as such let us take a look at the many different kinds of pokie machines that you will soon be able to play at this licensed and regulated online poker site.

  • 3 Reel Pokies – You will probably not find that many of the older classical types of three reel slot games on offer at the Full Tilt Poker site at this moment in time, for sadly this is, as you are probably well aware one category of pokie machine that only has a small number of fans, however, we do expect them to offer a sprinkling of these types of pokie machines in the coming months so if you do enjoy playing them then it may be worth keeping your eyes peeled for them

    However when playing these types of pokie games always ensure you have a good look at the pay tables to see if the jackpot in boosted and enhanced in value for putting into play maximum bet spins for if the pay table does then always play them with the maximum number of coins activated to benefit from those boosted winning jackpot payouts!

  • Bonus Video Pokies – The biggest collection of pokie games that you will soon be able to play alongside your poker games at Full Tilt Poker is going to be the bonus video pokies, now when you are playing these types of pokie machines you will get the very best gaming experience for they offer bonus games such as free spins and pick to win bonus rounds on which lots of additional winning payouts can be won when they are triggered and awarded to you.
  • Progressive Pokies – The number of progressive pokie games which may soon be on offer at the Full Tilt Poker site is likely to be very small, for you often find that it is only the biggest online casinos that offer a truly large and very diverse range of these very high paying pokie machines, and any site offering them does need to have a large number of pokie players to enable those progressive jackpots to grow quickly and be won at regular intervals!
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