Negreanu & Deeb Get Nasty Over Poker Staking Debate

Last Updated on May 2, 2019 Author:Adrian Sterne

Daniel Negreanu and Shaun DeebDaniel Negreanu and Shaun Deeb’s Twitter war over poker staking has escalated into both players throwing personal insults against each other.

The feud started when Shaun Deeb tasked himself as the “Markup Police“, calling out some players for selling a WSOP investment package and charging too high markup.

Poker pro Allen Kessler and vlogger Johnnie “JohnnieVibes” Moreno were among the most recent targets, with Negreanu coming to their defense.

Deeb argues that players who don’t have much to show in terms of live tournament results have no right to charge a high markup. Negreanu previously asked the Twitterverse for their opinion on what a fair markup would be on a package for smaller WSOP events as he intends to sell some for extra motivation.

Daniel Negreanu


Deeb disagreed with the former all-time money list number one, saying Negreanu can choose not to charge any markup if his main purpose is motivation. Both players remained civil as they explained their respective sides. Things started to get nasty when the Markup Police began calling some people out.

Deeb has been tough on his targets, labelling Moreno as a scammer for charging a 1.4 markup on his WSOP package, while claiming that investing in Kessler would give a negative expected return. This hasn’t gone well with Negreanu who doubts Deeb’s real intentions in supposedly exposing defrauders.

Things Get Intense

Responding to Deeb’s tweet, Negreanu thinks the Markup Police isn’t really helping or protecting the poker community. He said Deeb’s actions are nothing short of mean-spirited bullying. The Canadian player also shared his views with some name-calling and the feud became intense.

After Negreanu referred to him as a bully and an “angle shooter“, Deeb responded by saying that Negreanu is a hypocrite and a puppet, and is attacking him due to a personal grudge. The insults didn’t stop there.

Apart from character shaming, both players’ family affairs have been dragged into the fire, with Deeb eventually proposing a 500k bet over whose marriage will last longer. Some fans didn’t like how both players handled their disagreement, with one user saying it has gone beyond personal.

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