Daniel Colman Wins the Big One for One Drop Poker Tournament

Last Updated on August 20, 2014 Author:Adrian Sterne

Daniel ColmanOne of this year’s most watched Poker tournaments was of course the annual Big One for One Drop Tournament that is a World Series of Poker event. This year like most others there was the usual mix of players taking part in the tournament and all of them had their eye on the mouth watering prize of over £9 million.

The tournament got under way and the list of players quickly reduced as player after player got knocked out, and fast forwarding to the final table and the final two players we saw Daniel Colman going heads up with the much more experienced and six time World Series of Poker champion Daniel Negreanu.

The smart money was on Daniel Negreanu to lift the crown and that mega sized prize pot, however the hand which changed everything was one on which we say Colman going all in with a hand containing a King of Diamonds with a Queen of Hearts, and Negreanu accepting the challenge and putting his last remaining chips into the middle of the table with his hand that contained an Ace of Diamonds and a Four of Clubs

The Dealer then dealt out the first three community cards which were a Jack of Spades, an Ace of Hearts and a Four of Spades, this did of course mean that the odds on Daniel Negreanu picking up that mega pay day were massively increased, and then the Dealer dealt out a Ten of Spades which immediately swung the odds Colman’s way

The final card dealt out was a Seven of Spades which meant Colman won the first prize payout with his straight hand!

However, what surprised the viewing audience was the reaction of Daniel Colman, for you would imagine that if you had just won a multi million Pound cash prize you would be ecstatic and would start to jump around wildly or at least have a beaming smile, however Colman’s reaction to his mega win was one of total shock.

He didn’t raise a smile, but instead looked rather puzzled and subdued! Maybe this is his style however it will be interesting to see how he develops as a player and if his reactions change when and if he manages to pick up some other huge cash prizes in the future. We know that if we had just won millions we would certainly be jumping around, wouldn’t you?

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