Deposit OptionsThe following top 10 poker deposit options guide really will be of interest to anyone who is thinking of playing poker online, for many different players depending on where they live in the world are restricted in the number of ways they can actually send funds to any online poker site.

So if you are thinking of having a gamble online by playing a few hands or a few sessions of poker then have a look at the pros and cons of using each of these top 10 depositing options to ensure you are able to find and start using a cost effective method of seamlessly moving money around online in the poker playing environment!

  1. Debit Card – You will always find using a Debit Card is one of the most efficient ways to fund any online poker room account, for the vast majority of poker sites accept debit cards and all deposits are instantly added to your account, once validated and processed of course.

    Another major benefit of using your debit card is that as it is linked directly to your bank account when you make a withdrawal and it is processed and sent back to you by the poker site it will be available in your bank account quickly without you have to mess about with web wallets or wait for a check or cheque to pop through your letter box!

  2. Credit Card – Some poker sites have the ability of making credit card deposits go seamlessly through however some poker sites cannot process a credit card deposit, it is usually down to the actual card issuer as regards to whether you can use their credit cards at online poker sites. Be aware that when you make a deposit using a MasterCard it is not usually possible for any winnings or any withdrawal made from a poker site to be credited back to such a card.
  3. Neteller – You will be able to not only fund an online poker site account using the Neteller web wallet but winnings can also be paid back into your Neteller account, You can then withdraw money from your Neteller account directly to your bank account, you could optionally request a cheque or if you apply for and get given one of their prepaid MasterCard’s then you can spend the money in your Neteller account in shops and stores all over the world or make withdrawals using an ATM.
  4. Ukash – You will need to actually visit a land based shop to purchase what is known as a Ukash voucher, what these are is a brand new way for players to fund an online poker account when they do not have or do not want to use a bank card or web wallet to send money online to a poker site. You simply walk into the shop request one of these vouchers to any value you like, hand over your money and then you will get a pre paid printed receipt or Ukash vouchers as they are known on which the details to fund your poker room account are printed. Not dissimilar to a mobile phone top up.
  5. Skrill – This is another web wallet that has been designed to allow people from many different countries of the world to send money into and get money sent to them from online gambling sites. It will take you a matter of minutes to pen a Skrill account in fact all you will need is an email account, then you can start to send or receive money to and from most online poker sites immediately.
  6. PayPal – If you have a PayPal account then you may just be able to use it as a depositing option at a growing number of Paypal online poker sites, however PayPal do have lots of restrictions attached to using their web wallet to fund any type of gambling account online, and as such you need to double check to see if you are in what is known as one of the permitted countries, and if you are then you are good to go and can indeed use PayPal to fund our poker site account.
  7. PaySafeCard – You are able to use this method as one of the safest ways of funding your account, there are tens of thousands of shops in many different countries who will give you a PaySafeCard and these are simply pre paid vouchers which work in almost the same way as the Ukash voucher listed above, the only difference is that the redemption code is a different one with fewer numbers in it!
  8. American Express – One or two online poker site will accept American Express as a way of you funding your poker account at their respective site; however you will have to have a good look around for such sites as there are not that many of them that do accept this quite popular type of card!
  9. Western Union – Using the services of Western Union is often the last resort for players who have no other options at all available to them, this is one of the most expensive ways of funding an online poker account and you really should try and use a much more cost effective method for using Western Union will reduce the value of your bankroll via the fees they charge!
  10. Bank Transfer – One of the easiest and definitely the cheapest way for you to send money to an online poker site is by transferring your money directly from your bank account, when using this method you need to ensure you ban uses a fast money transfer service for if they do not you may end up waiting days for the money to reach the poker sites bank account and then be credited to your poker account!