Top 10 European Poker Sites 2019 : For European Poker Players

Top 10 EU Poker SitesOnline European poker players have a unique advantage in that they have access to a larger number of poker rooms than many other poker players. This is due to the laws that govern online poker in multiple European jurisdictions being liberal when it comes to gambling online.

Where the advantage comes in is that those who live in Europe and play poker are in high demand and poker sites, therefore, offer special promotions in the hopes that it will see players register, deposit and play at their poker room.

As we are poker players ourselves, we are here to help you find the best promotions with European online poker sites that are licensed, regulated and responsible. As we know the level of quality at each of the sites, we can assure you is that you will be greeted with a generous welcome bonus with each of our top 10 European poker sites.

Recommended European Online Poker Rooms

  • 1. TigerGaming Poker
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  • 2. BetOnline Poker
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  • 3. William Hill Poker
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When one considers the sheer number of online poker rooms, it can be rather difficult at times, even for experienced online poker players, to know which poker sites are reputable. There are many things so one must consider when making their selection, and when left to determine this on your own it can be a long, arduous challenge that can, for some, lead to frustration and poor results. However, to help European players, some requirements need to be followed when considering which poker rooms to register with.

One of the first is to ensure that the licensing that the poker room has received is one that governs its licensees properly and enforces the regulations that they are bound by. This relates to the quality of the software, its genuine randomness, the handling of deposits and ensuring player deposits are kept in a separate account from its operational accounts, be organised, reliable, game selection and be able to provide quality service to its players.

Poker sites are legal in most European countries, but some are excluded from being able to play. This is determined by the country to which you reside. It is imperative, and your responsibility to ensure you are legally allowed to play poker online for real money. We urge you to check laws as we believe strongly in responsible gambling initiatives and do not condone illegal gambling activities.

Licensing Requirements for European Poker Sites

The European Union is made up of a number of different licensing regulatory bodies that issue licenses to gaming companies wishing to offer for money gambling activities such as poker. Each has its own regulations in how it approves applicants and distributes licenses.

The majority of gaming companies will license their sites with several top licensing bodies so as to be able to provide their services to a broader range of geographical jurisdictions. This includes the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gambling Authority, Dutch Gambling Commission and several others. It ensures that those poker sites offering their services to Europeans are operating at the highest stands of responsibility and understand the importance of running a professional gaming site that adheres to only one licensing bodies regulations, but to all licensing authorities that have chosen to acquire licenses from.

One thing that is important to understand is that legislation within European countries changes and recently, many of the changes have impacted the industry becoming stricter than they were previously. This is to prevent underage gambling, potential fraud, identity verification of identity, paid for licensing and the prevention of offshore gambling operators who continue to try to operate within borders they are not permitted to offer services within.

European Poker Room Promotions for European Poker Players

Promotions are an important part of the experience for online poker players. This especially comes into play when competing to win a seat in a professional poker tournament such as those sponsored by the WSOP.

New promotions and the upgrading of welcome bonuses are constantly being added or changed. As completion is stiff, each poker room will be aggressive in its promotions to ensure it retains players and do all they can to avoid them moving on to other rooms that may have superior promotions.

When you register with a new poker room that we recommend, you will be offered a bonus on your first deposit, and thereafter, the poker room will run various weekly/monthly promotions that will relate to depositing based bonuses, tournament seats and others.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods for European Poker Players

There is quite a good range of options available for European poker players when they wish to make a deposit or withdrawal winnings from online poker rooms. To make sure poker rooms accommodate people in different jurisdictions, they will have a number of practical options that cover a wide spectrum of preferences to ensure players receive their withdrawals quickly with the least amount of fuss possible.

Those options include credit cards, e-wallets, bank wires, debit cards and cheques. All payments are handled by a processing company in the currency you have selected to receive your winnings. And will be based on the current posted exchange rate.

European Poker Players FAQs

Am I required to pay taxes on my winnings?

Most countries do not tax winnings when playing online poker. However, to know if you are exempt from taxation of monies you withdraw, you will need to consult your local taxation laws in so far as to how it relates to online gambling.

Can a Mac be used to play online poker games in Europe?

In days gone by, this would not have been possible. However, today’s technology has vastly improved, and most poker rooms in Europe are compatible with Mac operating systems, as they are with other Apple products such as their iPad and iPhones. Today, any poker room worth its reputation has software that will be suitable for Mac software.

Must I only play using real money? Or can I play with “fun money”.

No, you are not required to deposit and use real money to enjoy poker online. Most poker rooms allow for real money and fun money play. There are tables dedicated for those wishing to play with real money and tables for those preferring to play simply for fun. The same applies to tournaments as well, but for fun money players, poker rooms will offer freeroll that allows you to win real money and for beginners, this is a good way to get accustomed to playing online and having the opportunity to build a bankroll without any upfront investment.

When I register a poker room account, is my information safe?

All information you provide to a poker room when registering is protected and kept safe offline; this includes all banking information. In addition, all transactions are protected using the same software that your bank uses when carrying out online banking activities. If you wish to avoid sharing personal banking information or credit cards with multiple poker sites, you can register with an e-wallet provide. This will limit the number of times you need to share information when transacting online as payments will be processed by the e-wallet provider and not

What type of poker games can be played with European poker sites?

Most poker rooms will offer the usual selection of poker games. This includes limit, and no limit hold ‘em, Omaha, five card draw and stud poker thereby allowing you to use a variety of strategies as you play based on the game being played.

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