Pokerstars Increases Poker Offerings

PokerstarsWhilst Poker Stars are one of the largest and most highly populated online Poker sites in regards to them getting new Poker game variants it was way back in 2008 that they last added a new Poker game that was the game of Badugi.

However for players who have been tiring of the range of games at this leading Poker site then your wait has not been in vain as they have just launched four brand new Poker variant to spruce up their current Poker game offerings.

The first couple of new Poker games are Courchevel and Courchevel Hi Low, these two games are similar to the games of Omaha and Omaha Hi Low, however there are a few major differences in the way the game play, pay and operate.

Courchevel Poker

The Courchevel Poker game is now available at Poker Stars in the following game structures:

  • Limit Courchevel – Each round in each game played has a structured maximum betting limit.
  • Pot Limit Courchevel – When playing this variant or Courchevel the current total of chips in the Pot is the maximum wager you can place.
  • No Limit Courchevel Poker – As with all Poker variants the maximum wager permitted per round is not limited, so any amount you have in your bankroll can be wagered.

Courchevel Hi/Lo Poker

The Courchevel Hi/Low Poker game uses the above three different types of playing structure however the main difference between this variant and the standard game is that the pot is split at the end of the game between the player with the highest ranked hand and the lowest ranked hand.

5 Card Omaha

Quite unusually for an online Poker site Poker Stars have not previously had the game of Omaha Poker available, until now that is. This game is a very easy to play variant which offers the three playing formats which have been listed above.

5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo

The other Poker variant which can now be accessed and played by any one playing at Poker Stars is the game of 5 Card Omaha Hi Low, this game at the Showdown stage of the game sees the pot being equally divided between the players holding the highest and lowest Poker hand.

Free Play and Real Money Modes

Should any of these four new Poker game variants be of interest to you then you will be able to play them in either a free to play or real money mode by becoming a new player at Poker Stars.