Legal UK Online Poker Sites for 2019

Legal UK Online Poker SitesPlaying poker online from anywhere in the United Kingdom is perfectly legal, and the UK Gambling Commission has recently updated their gambling site regulations and as such any online poker site that wishes to promote and advertise their games to UK based players in the United Kingdom must apply for and be granted a UK Gambling Commission gaming license to allow them to legally be able to do just that.

However, it is worth noting that if you are living or staying anywhere in Great Britain you are not forced to play only at UK licensed online poker sites for there is nothing stopping you at all playing at a poker site that is licensed or based in another country, but you would be best advised to stick to playing only at UK licensed sites for by doing so if you experience any problems with a poker site you can complain to the UK Gambling Commission directly who will be able to get your problems sorted out.

Recommended Legal UK Online Poker Rooms

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Due to the very strict code of conduct and licensing requirements it is highly unlikely that you will ever run into any problems when playing at a UK licensed online poker site, but it is always good to know the Gambling Commission will be there to help you if you do. Plus when you play poker at any site licensed in the UK you will be safe in the knowledge that the software and gaming platform and all of the games on offer have been tested and have been certified as being 100% fair and random which is something not all offshore based poker sites are.

Online UK Poker Sites FAQ

The first time you start playing poker online it may take you a little getting used to the way a poker sites poker software platform works and operates. In fact if you are thinking of playing poker online for the very first time then there will probably be lots of questions you want answering.

To enable you to quickly find the answers to any questions you may have about playing poker online below is a list of the most commonly asked questions first time online UK based poker players ask, and each of the following questions are fully answers below also!

  1. Will I Be Able to Play for Pounds and Pence?

    It is going to be very important that whatever online poker site you choose to sign up to and start playing at offers you the ability to deposit and play in UK Pounds Sterling, for it is worth noting that some online poker sites use US Dollars as the base currency option for their respective sites and you are only able to play in Dollars at those sites.

    This will of course mean you then have to exchange your Pounds into Dollars to be able to fund your accounts at those sites which is naturally going to mean you are then completely at the mercy of currency exchange rates and commission fees charged to turn Pounds into Dollars and then back again if you manage to win, so stick to playing at poker sites offering UK pounds as the currency option of choice.

  2. How many Different Poker Tournaments Can I Play Online?

    It is impossible for you to take part and enter every single online poker tournament that is available online as during each day of the week there will be hundreds if not thousands of them available at different poker sites.

    You will however find a full poker tournament schedule offered and displayed at all online poker sites and it will of course be beneficial for you do make use of those schedules and you will then be able to locate the exact type of poker tournaments that you wish to take part in and enter and with free and paid to enter poker tournaments available online you will never have to make any compromises when you do take part in them online.

  3. Am I Forced to Have to Download any Poker Sites Software?

    You will be able to download a poker sites gaming and software platforms onto your computer, but if that is something you would prefer not to do then you are not forced to play poker via a downloadable gaming platform for you will be given access to a no downloadable gaming poker platform at many different online poker sites and those platforms will allow you to play in all manner of poker games directly from your web browser.

  4. How Many Variants of Poker can I Play Online?

    If you can name lots of different types of poke game variants then you will be able to play all of them online! Over the years the number of different poker game variants that online poker players can access and play has grown and grown and as such even the most unique and unusual poker game variants such as H.O.R.S.E Poker and Razz Poker can now be accessed and played online for free or for real money.

  5. What Types of Poker Players Play Online?

    Do not be under the impression that it is only professional poke players that play poker online, for whilst there are some professional poker players out there who enjoy playing online poker, you will come across loads of recreational players of all abilities. This is why playing poker online has proven to be so very popular as when you log onto a poker site and sit down to play you will never know who you are playing against or just how good a player they are!

  6. Can I Play Poker Online in the UK for Free?

    Should you be a first time online poker player or are new to playing poker online in the United Kingdom then you should be prepared to set aside quite some time to allow you to fully get to grips with this very exciting poker playing environment, for once you do you will then be able to play online for real money without having to learn as you go.

    All online UK poker player friendly sites, of which there are many, will allow you to sign up and play without having to make a deposit into your account, and by playing for free you can then choose which poker software and online poker platform you enjoy using the most and will be able to switch over to the real money poker playing environment when you are ready to.

  7. Are Mobile UK Poker Sites Available?

    If you fancy trying a brand new way of playing poker online then we would recommend trying out one of the many mobile poker sites, for by joining up to such a site you are going to be able to access all of your favourite poker games on the go when you are out and about.

    Mobile Poker site software and platforms have become very advanced in the last few years and as such you are not going to experience any problems or make any type of compromises if and when you choose to play mobile poker.

  8. What is the UK Minimum Legal Age to Gamble?

    In the United Kingdom you can legally gamble online if you have reached the age of 18, and as such if it always important the you adhere to the age limit regulations, you will find that all online poker sites will also have their own minimum age restrictions in place, and as such you should only play poker online if you are old enough as deemed by your local and national laws and should only play at a poker site if you are old enough as per their minimum age requirements.

  9. Can I Play Seven Card Stud Poker Online?

    If you enjoy playing some of the older types of poke games then do have a good look around each casino site you come across for whilst some poker sites only ever offer the more popular poker game variants you will also come across many poker sites that offer a large and quite varied selection of poker games such as both Seven Card Stud Poker and the Seven Card Stud Hi/Low Poker game.

  10. Will Online Poker Sites Always Be Busy?

    One question that you may be looking for the answer to is in regards to just how busy online poker sites get, for if you do wish to play poker online you will not want to have to play against just a limited number of fellow players and will be looking for a wide range of different players to take on and play against as each player will have their own skill and abilities!

    You will be pleased to learn that you will find players of all abilities online and there are often thousands or even tens of thousands of players logged on and playing at most poker sites at all times of the day or night so you will never have any shortages of players to take on and play against!

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