Zynga Poker Now Offering New Action-Packed Short Deck Poker Variant

Last Updated on January 25, 2022 Author:Adrian Sterne

Zynga Poker, Short Deck PokerSummary

  • Zynga Poker adds a new game for the first time in 14 years
  • Short deck won’t be automatically available for Zynga players
  • The popular format originated in Asia and is promoted by the likes of Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan

Zynga Poker is joining the short deck craze! Players at the social games app will now enjoy the popular variant which has taken the poker world by storm in recent years. This marks the first time that Zynga has introduced a new game since its launch back in 2007.

Short deck, also known as six-plus hold’em, is a Texas hold’em poker variant where the 2-5 cards are removed from the deck. The game originated in Asia and is promoted by some of the world’s best high-stakes poker pros, including Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan.

Joining a Short Deck Table on Zynga Poker

Short deck’s availability on Zynga Poker is currently limited, as explained by the company’s product manager Malhar Singh. The game unlocks at Level 5, allowing players to easily access it from the main lobby on the home screen. Players need to pick their preferred stakes first before they are automatically assigned a table and start playing.

The Zynga team acknowledges the fact that many players might still be unfamiliar with short deck. For this reason, special tips and assistance are provided during the player’s first session. The game then operates normally throughout the subsequent sessions.

More About Short Deck

Short deck is played pretty much the same as the traditional Texas hold’em game, only that the total number of cards in the deck is only 36, with the 2 through 5 cards (16 cards in total) removed at the start of play.

It also follows the same rules when it comes to the play of the hand, showdown, and betting structures, though there are a few differences in terms of hand rankings. In short deck, flush beats a full house, and players can also use an ace to make high and low straights.

The modified hand rankings are brought about by the removal of the 2-5 cards from the deck. The odds change, and therefore players are more likely to hit a full house than a flush, which works the opposite way in a classic no-limit hold’em game.

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