WSOP Ontario Brings Live Poker Experience to Virtual Tables via New Feature

Last Updated on March 3, 2023 Author:Adrian Sterne

GGPoker Card Squeeze FeatureSummary

  • The new feature allows players to slowly squeeze their cards instead of revealing them right away
  • The Card Squeeze feature is available both in cash games and tournaments
  • While it does not help you improve your play, it makes the game more fun

WSOP has introduced yet another new feature for players in the province of Ontario.

But unlike the many other existing gameplay functions on the platform, the new feature, called “Card Squeeze”, isn’t designed to help players improve their game or gain an advantage over their opponents. Instead, it is intended to make playing online poker more fun and entertaining.

In live poker, players slowly peel their cards up as they try to see what’s in store for them. This practice adds suspense to the game as players won’t immediately know the cards they’re dealt. WSOP Ontario replicates this experience via the Card Squeeze feature, making players feel like they’re in a live setting.

How to Use Card Squeeze on WSOP Ontario

You may activate the Card Squeeze feature by simply going to the “Settings” section and clicking on the “Squeeze” option. Upon enabling this feature, your hole cards will be dealt face down, allowing you to squeeze them by using your mouse or your finger if you’re using a mobile device.

There are rules to follow when using the Card Squeeze feature, one of which is to squeeze your cards before your turn is over. If you’re unable to act within your time, you’ll be forced to fold. You can always hit the “Open” button to deactivate the Squeeze feature and reveal your cards straight away.

You may also use the Squeeze function for board cards during all-in showdown situations on the turn or river for both cash games and tournaments. The feature is available for the favorite and the underdog, but for Hold’em and Omaha cash games, pots must be larger than 100bb for it to be activated. There are no restrictions for Spin & Gold and tournaments.

Make the Game More Fun via Card Squeeze

Slowly squeezing your hole cards already adds a mystery element to the game, and using the feature during big all-in situations makes the game even more thrilling and fun. You get the same feeling when you’re involved in an all-in battle at a live poker game where you just keep your fingers crossed that the turn or river goes in your favor.

Card Squeeze is another innovative feature from GGPoker which currently provides software support for WSOP Ontario. Other GGPoker features also incorporated into the WSOP Ontario platform include “Bubble Protection” which allows players to receive a buy-in refund if they burst the money bubble.

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