WSOP Flasher Mentally Unfit To Face Terrorism Charges In Court

Last Updated on October 17, 2019 Author:Adrian Sterne

Kenneth StraussThis has been a year that Kenneth Strauss would like to forget but one that he won’t be able to. Strauss made headlines in the poker world earlier this year for his antics at the WSOP Main Event table.

Strauss is by no means an accomplished poker table as the Hendon Mob shows that his winnings are less than $10,000.

He took part in the $10,000 WSOP Main Event and caused a lot of controversy for his outrageous behaviour at the table which included showing his hand at the table, pulling down his pants and flashing other players and then going on to throw his shoe which it the dealer at the table.



From Mad Poker Player To Suspected Terrorist

Crazy things happen at the poker table and this appeared to be one of those crazy incidents that ended up in Strauss getting banned from the WSOP. However, Strauss’s weird behaviour did not stop there as he was later accused of luring an 8 year old boy to his room who was saved just in time as his parents showed up. Those actions got Strauss banned from the Rio and caused him to take to Twitter to spew out a lot of venom and hate.

His tweets included threatening to destroy the casino that threw him out, encouraging people to keep killing children and another one where he threatened to commit suicide. Las Vegas police take all threats seriously especially after the Mandalay Bay shootings in 2017 which turned out to be the most deadly shooting in US history.

Las Vegas police wasted no time in tracking down Strauss and arresting him. He was arrested on a number of charges and one of them included making terrorist threats. Strauss claimed that it wasn’t him who sent out those tweets and claimed that they were false tweets.

Whether he was serious or playing around, Strauss quickly went from being a sore poker player to a dangerous terrorist who was sent to jail and told to post a bond of $150,000 if he wanted out.

Strauss decided not to show up to a court hearing last week and Chief District Judge Linda Bell decided that he was not mentally fit to stand trial. He has been committed to a psychiatric hospital for an indefinite period until he is evaluated and the court gets a report from the psychologist.

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