WPT Ambassador Steve Aoki Selected for “dearMoon” Project

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Steve AokiSummary

  • DJ Steve Aoki will join a 2023 civilian lunar mission along with seven other artists
  • The project is funded by Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa
  • Steve Aoki currently serves as WPT Ambassador

World famous DJ and current World Poker Tour (WPT) Ambassador Steve Aoki is among a select group of people set to embark on a journey to the moon as part of an art project spearheaded by a Japanese billionaire.

Aoki who is one of the latest celebrities who know how to play poker, will be part of an eight-person crew, comprised of artists from different fields, who will go on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Earth’s only natural satellite. They’ll be able to do that for free, thanks to Yusaku Maezawa, the founder of Japan’s largest online fashion website Zozotown.

dearMoon Project

Maezawa, whose net worth sits at around $2 billion, is passionate about space travel. In 2018, he purchased all the seats on SpaceX’s first tourist flight around the moon. His plan was to choose a group of artists to accompany him on a lunar mission that will take place in 2023.

The Japanese billionaire entrepreneur, along with the dearMooon crew, will travel to the moon aboard SpaceX’s Big Falcon Rocket. The entire trip will take eight days, three of which will be spent in orbit above the lunar space.

Maezawa wants to give the artists the opportunity to obtain a different perspective on the world and come up with unique creations based on their experiences while on the trip. The main goal is to inspire humanity after the journey.

Aoki is fully committed to the goal, saying it’s a dream come true for him who has always wanted to go to space since he was a child. The 45-year-old will be playing some cool beats for his companions on the trip, and also plans to bring a computer. So expect some new music from Aoki upon his return!


Some of the other artists selected by Maezawa include South Korean artist TOP (Choi Seung Hyun), multidisciplinary creative and JAD Productions founder Yemi A.D., Irish photographic artist Rhiannon Adam and YouTuber Tim Dodd.

Aoki as WPT Ambassador

Apart from making music, Aoki also loves poker. He joined the WPT as ambassador in January 2022 and has since been attending WPT events across the globe, including a recent meet-up game at Wynn which was also participated in by poker legend Doyle Brunson.

Aoki has been playing poker for nearly two decades now, often hosting poker nights in his $8 million Las Vegas mansion. The decision to sign the popular musician, DJ, and record producer was a step in the right direction for the WPT, given his massive reach.

Currently, Aoki has millions of followers on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Undoubtedly, his involvement with the WPT gives a huge boost to the brand.

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