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World Poker Tour Facts and Stats

 Poker News August 5, 2014 by  Adrian Sterne

World Poker Tour (WPT)As we are now in August of 2014, we have decided to bring you up to date with a range of World Poker Tour stats and facts! Do not forget that the next major WPT event being held is the WPT Legends of Poker Tournament and that is being held at the Bicycle Casino from August the 23rd August until the 29th

WPT Career Earnings

Probably the best way to judge the success level of any WPT player is by counting up how much they have won taking part in WPT events. With this in mind below are the top ten poker players and alongside each of them you will find the current prize money each of them have picked up, up until the 3rd of August 2014.

  • Carlos Mortensen – Topping the list of the players who have won the most cash from playing in and taking part in WPT events is Carlos Mortensen who has won an amazing $6,447,960 so far!
  • Daniel Negreanu – In second place in the prize money winning stakes is Daniel Negreanu who is catching up the above player slowly but surely and he has so far won a huge amount of cash totalling $5,711,615.
  • Michael Mizrachi – Michael is doing as well as ever and we may not have seen the best of him yet, so far he has managed to take home a huge $4,666,683 share of the prize pools offered at many WPT events.
  • Tuan Le – With his earphones securely in his ears you have to wonder what Tuan Le is listening to when he is playing poker at WPT events, for whatever it is it is sure giving him lots of luck and he has so far won a huge $4,514,063 in WPT cash prizes.
  • Gus Hansen – A man famed for his blank stare, Guy Hansen is playing as well as ever and has currently bagged a very impressive $4,051,782 taking part in WPT events!
  • Alan Goehring – With his very dark glasses that he likes to wear there is never a way to look into Alan’s eyes and pre judge how he is going to play any hand, and he has a lot of thank those glasses for as he has currently won $3,968,724 playing in WPT events.
  • Joseph Bartholdi – Next in our listing is Joseph Bartholdi and he has taken away a large amount of cash from WPT events, which currently totals a whopping $3,760,165!
  • Jonathan Little – You should keep your eyes out for Jonathan Little who is truly an up and coming layers who knows how to play each and every hand he has been dealt perfectly, his WPT prize money currently stands at $3,680,717.
  • David Chiu – With his steely determination and his in-depth knowledge of the game David Chiu has earned the respect of many players, and his current WPT earning stands at $3,672,276.
  • Nick Schulman The tenth best WPT player as far as winnings goes is Nick Schuman who has secured a total of $3,523,856 playing in WPT events.

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