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Will Brexit Have Any Impact On The Global Poker Industry?

 Poker News November 23, 2018 by  Adrian Sterne

As Britain prepares to officially cut ties with the European Union (EU), industries are bracing themselves for several possible implications.

The global poker market for one is not immune to changes, as new laws come into force in line with the official exit.

If there’s somebody from the poker world who could very much dissect how Brexit could affect the entire poker landscape, it would have to be British poker pro Neil Channing. The author and 2008 Irish Poker champion is an avid follower of political trends in modern Britain and across the globe.

When asked about the possible effects of Brexit to the online poker industry, Channing said the online operators would most likely bear the brunt when compared to players. Those operators who are based outside the EU could consider moving in, driving prices up in EU countries such as Malta.

As a result of the transition, British territories like Gibraltar would probably become less popular. Those that have always been out of the EU, including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, would not be majorly impacted by Brexit.

Channing said online poker sites including PokerStars, 888poker and partypoker would not be largely impacted as the effects would most likely hit the live poker scene. Operators may think it would be less appealing to hold their tournaments in the UK – which has always been the case in recent years due to difficulties in finding a spacious venue.

The success of Unibet, the Sky Poker Tour, the GUKPT and other smaller tours would continue as usual as they target a domestic market.

When it comes to venues, the Nottingham-based Dusk Till Dawn casino could suffer.

Travel Issues Will Hurt Live Tours

Among possible effects of Brexit are stricter travel requirements for non-UK residents, which means some poker players may need to pay for visas in order to play in the UK. This could very well see a reduction in the number of EU players visiting the UK for live poker tournaments.

The UK’s exit from the EU could also have significant tax implications for poker players. The EU tax laws surrounding poker winnings is already complicated and controversial and things are not going to get better anytime soon with the pending Brexit.

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