Veteran Players Back Negreanu To Win Heads-Up Match Against Polk

Last Updated on October 26, 2020 Author:Gabrielle Monet

Doug Polk & Daniel NegreanuPoker’s most highly-anticipated heads-up grudge match is just around the corner with Canadian poker pro Daniel Negreanu set to take on Doug Polk. One prominent poker pro is so confident of the outcome that he putting $10,000 of his $20,000 bankroll on the line at 4:1 odds.

The Mouth” is confident Negreanu will beat Doug Polk in their upcoming heads-up match which is set to kick off on November 1. In a recent tweet Matusow said he would have bet his entire bankroll on Negreanu but $5,000 was already allocated to a bet made on Donald Trump winning a second term as President.

While Matusow is willing make aggressive bets both Negreanu and Polk dislike the idea. While Negreanu did not respond verbally to Matusow’s tweet, the Poker Hall of Famer reacted with a GIF, indicating that he isn’t a fan of Matusow’s aggressive bankroll management. Polk also expressed concern at the huge risk involved.

Phil Hellmuth Also Betting on Negreanu

Polk is a strong favorite to win the match, but another poker icon is betting on Negreanu. Phil Hellmuth also tweeted he’d go for the underdog at 4:1 odds. After posting his offer, “The Poker Brat” immediately attracted a number of interested takers and one of them was Polk.

Both Hellmuth and Polk agreed to the side action, with the latter betting $20,000. Should Negreanu win, Hellmuth would win $80,000 from Polk. High-stakes player Ali Imsirovic also expressed willingness to take the bet, putting $400K of his money to win $100,000 if Negreanu lost. But Hellmuth has yet to respond Imsirovic’s offer.

Younger Pros Go For Polk

Understandably, Polk is a favorite to win among the younger generation of high-stakes pros. Imsirovic isn’t the only one wanting to bet on Polk. American poker pro Adam Hendrix also invited any takers for his bet on Polk at 4:1 odds, with a $1K minimum bet.

Both Polk and Negreanu agreed on the rules and terms of the match in October, but not without a another war on Twitter. Negreanu particularly does not support the use of preflop charts, but Polk shrugged it off, saying he couldn’t wait to clean Negreanu out.

The match will be played as two tables of $200-$400 HU NLH, with 100 big blind stacks. If either of them sink below the threshold, their stack will be automatically topped up to the max. will play host to most of the action, with Kane Kalas acting as commentator.

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