US Players To Hit The Jackpot With Global Poker’s SnG’s

Last Updated on February 19, 2019 Author:Stefan Nedeljkovic

Global Poker’s Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments have recently gone live, giving players the chance to win big in a matter of minutes!

Up to SC$100,000 is up for grabs at the tournaments which are also open to US poker players.

Give that most online poker websites do not accept poker players from the United States; this is a great opportunity for US poker players to see if they can hit the jackpot!

Jackpot Level at 2000x the Buy-in

The tournaments work in a similar fashion to the Sit & Go counterparts at other poker websites. Each game is played three-handed and the prize pool is determined via a random buy-in multiplier. The games are hyper turbo with blind levels increasing at three-minute intervals. Within 10 minutes, players can collect massive winnings, with prize multipliers ranging from 2x to 2000x the buy-in.

While stats show that the chance of hitting the jackpot is only two out of every 100,000 matches, players will still be able to boost their bankroll through winning in several other prize levels. Over a quarter of Global Poker’s Jackpot Sit & Go tourneys go beyond the 2x buy-in multiplier.

Majority of the prize levels follow the winner-takes-all format, except for the jackpot level in which the money is being split 75/15/10. Jackpot SnGs come in four buy-in levels – SC$2/GC 2000, SC$6/GC 6000, SC$15/GC 15,000 and SC$50/GC 50,000. The highest buy-in has a jackpot level of SC$100,000.

Global Poker allows players to play a maximum of four Jackpot SnGs simultaneously, but they have to individually register for each tournament. The multiple entry option is not yet available.

Global Poker’s Continued Success

Global Poker is one of the few online poker websites allowed in the US. The operator is currently holding its Grizzly Games II tournament series, offering SC$850,000 in guarantees. A total of 158 Grizzly Games trophies will also be given away to the winners.

More than 12 games are still left on the schedule, so those who missed out on the first events can still join the action. Grizzly Games II kicked off on February 3 and will run until February 24.

Global Poker is also popular for being one of a few online poker rooms to allow players to play the Hold’em variant Crazy Pineapple. The game is featured in a number of Grizzly Games events, and also occasionally pops up on the World Poker Tour.

Adopting a dual currency system along with other unique attributes, Global Poker is continuing to make a mark in the US online poker scene, given the legal gambling environment in the country. It is also one of a few sweepstakes online poker sites currently in operation.

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