Ultimate Poker Software Problems

Last Updated on September 3, 2013 Author:Adrian Sterne

Ultimate PokerSo far there is just one online poker site that has been granted a license to operate legally in Nevada, and this is the Ultimate Poker site owned and operated by Ultimate Gaming. Unfortunately players are reporting that have played on the newly updated software platform a number of annoying little bugs have begun to surface that is negatively reducing their gaming experience on this poker playing platform.

All had been well at the Ultimate Poker site until they updated their software package, and it was after this update that players started to complain about a number of bugs, however what has compounded these players’ frustrations is that whilst they complained to the Ultimate Poker sites support team, it appears that their complaints were being met with silence!

One of the most common complaints regarding the newly updated Ultimate Poker software is that players are experiencing software crashes, which appear to be at random, with some players saying that whilst playing at several open tables, all of a sudden and for no explained reason that software crashes which results in them being booted from all open tables at which they are playing at and from the Ultimate Poker site itself.

Other players report problems in the way their winning payouts are added to their account balances however at this moment in time we have no further details on these payout errors and how it is affecting Ultimate Poker players.

These little errors, or big errors depending on how you look at them, can happen several times to certain players during one poker session, which is both frustrating and annoying to players and is seriously affecting their playing pleasure and they winning chances, as time out rules will of course be kicking in when they get booted from the us poker rooms they are playing in and are then unable to continue playing the hand they have been dealt.

Ultimate Poker are aware of these problems and have responded that they are fully aware of these software bugs and problems and that no single player will lose out in regards to problems experienced, and if anyone feels they have been affected and have lost out by these problems they should make their support team aware of the problems they have had.

A fix is expected to be released shortly, and the technical teams at Ultimate Poker are working behind the scene to sort of these problems.

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