Twitch Streamer Accused of “Scam” after Partnering with ACR

Last Updated on December 20, 2022 Author:Gabrielle Monet

Dennis 'PaymoneyWubby' RichardsonSummary

  • Dennis Richardson hosted a freeroll tournament on ACR via a sponsorship deal
  • The tournament crashed but all of the participants were refunded
  • Some viewers accused Richardson and ACR of scamming players

A popular Twitch streamer has defended himself and the online poker site he recently partnered with against claims they scammed people. Dennis “Paymoneywubby” Richardson was criticized after accepting a sponsorship from what viewers have described as a “sketchy” online poker room.

“Sketchy” Site

The online poker site in question was Americas Cardroom (ACR) where Richardson recently hosted a freeroll poker tournament which he also streamed on Twitch. The tournament, which attracted nearly 5,000 entries, was eventually stopped following a system crash.

All players who participated in the tournament got their money back, but some viewers couldn’t help but lambast Richardson for partnering with an unregulated site and streaming online gambling on Twitch.

The tournament featured a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000. Viewers were allowed to join for free, with $2,000 up for grabs for those who could knock out Richardson. Players who were eliminated on their first attempt had the option to re-enter for either $2.20 or $4.40.

While streaming the game, Richardson clarified he was not getting any money for bringing new players to the site. He said he was only paid for doing the stream and that he also received $15,000 in real money to take part in the tournament.

Richardson Fights Back Against Scam Accusations

The stream became the subject of negative remarks on Richardson’s community subreddit, with some viewers putting into question his moral principles. One of the main concerns was Richardson’s decision to stream gambling content on Twitch when the platform has already banned the practice since October.

Richardson considered that a valid concern though he said he views poker differently from slots or casino. He said he totally understands if some viewers aren’t comfortable watching certain content, including gambling, and he wouldn’t force them to watch.


However, Richardson can’t sit idly by at claims that he and his team were deliberately scamming the viewers by accepting the ACR sponsorship, saying he trusts himself, his research, and his management company. He also defended ACR from negative reviews on consumer review website Trustpilot, saying most of the negative feedback were from players who had experienced bad beats.

He argued there’s no sufficient evidence to prove that his partnership with ACR is a scam.

ACR is based in Costa Rica and does not hold a license to operate in the US, though there are currently no federal laws that prohibit Americans from playing at the site.

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