Tusk Poker – Players Finally Getting Paid

Last Updated on January 13, 2014 Author:Adrian Sterne

It finally appears that after six full years of waiting, online poker players who lost their account balances when the Tusk Poker network of poker sites closed up shop and vanished overnight are finally getting paid back a proportion of those account balances.

MicrogamingIt was something of a shock at the time when the Tusk group of poker sites suddenly had their gaming license yanked and Microgaming, their software provider pulled the plug on their operation, for they had seemed to be a well funded and very well run operation.

However what many of their customers did not appreciate was the lack of information that was fed to them by the licensing jurisdiction, Microgaming and the site owners themselves, and this did leave a sour taste in a lot of player’s mouths.

The Tusk Poker group did have a lot of customers and it has been reported that their players were owned collectively many millions of Dollars when their sites went down, and it has been a very long and drawn out procedure for players to get information on whether they were going to get their fund backs which they had in their poker accounts.

However here we are six years after the Tusk group spectacularly collapsed and players are reporting that they are now finally receiving a small proportion of their account balance which is sadly a full and final payment of around 16% of the money they had in their poker accounts at the time of the collapse.

It was not just online poker sites that Tusk operated for they did also own several online casinos however if you did have any money tied up in any site operated by the Tusk group then you should finally be at the very least getting something back, and whilst 16% of your account balance may not seem like a lot, it is of course better than nothing.

This has been a prime example of why online poker players should think long and hard before opening up a real money poker account online, and is certainly an eye opening, especially if you are the type of online poker player who keeps some large amounts of cash in your online poker room account.

If you do enjoy playing poker online then always keep the absolute minimum in your account and always withdraw your cash as regularly as you can so as to avoid the site you are playing at suddenly closing down and vanishing with a large amount of your poker bankroll!

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