Tony Miles Gets Ready For Shaun Deeb’s Prop Bet Challenge March 7, 2019 Stefan Nedeljkovic

Tony Miles Gets Ready For Shaun Deeb’s Prop Bet Challenge

 Players March 7, 2019 by  Stefan Nedeljkovic

tony milesPoker players have used prop bets over the years to bring more excitement to their lives and enjoy some absurd challenges.

However in recent years, the prop bets that have made the headlines have had a positive angle to it and usually benefited the player who accepted the challenge.

Tony Miles, the runner-up at the 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event has accepted a prop bet challenge from his friend Shaun Deeb.

Miles is a big fan of the TV show ‘American Ninja Warrior’ which throws up some of the most unique obstacles and challenges which participants must overcome in order to get their hands on the grand prize.

In Nov 2018, during the 888poker Live London event, Miles was sharing his strategy on how he would get past the first round of the TV show. Deeb was interested and decided to issue a prop bet to push Miles to get on the show and test out his strategy.

3 Year Prop Bet Challenge

Tony Miles will have to get on the American Ninja Warrior and get past the first round in order to win the bet which has 25:1 betting odds. Miles is putting up $5,000 which means Deeb will have to pay out $125,000 if he gets past the first round during the first year.

The odds drop to 20:1 if Miles can get past the first round within the second year and drops further to 15:1 if he can complete the challenge within the third year. The prop bet did not make the headlines for the last couple of months as Miles was busy training and preparing himself for the physical and mental challenges that come while being on the show.

He has crossed the first hurdle as American Ninja Warrior has invited him to be on the show. With a $125,000 on the line, Miles is taking the prop bet seriously and has move home to bring himself closer to a training facility. He has also hired a private coach to help him with his training and prepare him to go past the first round of the TV show.

Miles says that his physical and mental preparation for the TV show will also help him with his poker game. The prop bet will push him to go past his physical and mental limitations and could even fetch him a 6 figure payday, should he get past the first round.

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