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Titan Poker’s Explosive Sunday Poker Tournament

 Poker News January 30, 2014 by  Adrian Sterne

Titan PokerIf you are looking for a huge paying poker tournament to take part and enter this coming weekend then we would like to remind you that over at our top rated Titan Poker site they have, every single Sunday for the foreseeable future, their unique and highly attractive looking Explosive Sunday Poker Tournament that is going to appeal to every poker player who enjoys playing poker in a tournament environment.

This unique and exclusive Titan Poker tournament is structured as a No Limit Hold’em Tournament and as such if you think you have the necessary skills to take on and beat a large number of poker playing opponents then how about you give this tournament a try, there is a guaranteed prize pool of some €5,000 and as such it is well worth entering and does offer plenty of cash prizes. You can also checkout this handy guide to poker hands ready for the tournament.

It is a Deep Stack Poker Tournament and as such for your entry fee you will be given a large amount of starting poker tournament chips which if you have the skill needed should see you starting to amass a large amount of chips and hopefully get yourself placed on the final table which is where the cash prizes are dished out!

You do of course have several different ways that you can take part in this Titan Poker Deep Stack Explosive Sunday Poker Tournament, you can pay a direct entry fee which in total is going to cost you just €50, or you may fancy taking your chances in one of the many satellite tournaments that are held in the run up to the tournament, and these will of course give you a chance of winning an entry in that bigger paying tournament.

You are also going to benefit from the large and very easy to claim initial sign up bonus should you not already be a player at the Titan Poker site, and as such we would invite you to pop over to their website where you will find the structure and how to claim their sign up bonus which really is one of the most generous ones around.

The poker software platform at Titan Poker is a breeze to use and you will soon discover just how good it is as you can sample their free poker tables at no expense as they are always open and waiting for you whenever you choose to log in and play as a guest player.

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