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Teething Problems for Nevada Licensed Poker Sites

 Poker News November 4, 2013 by  Adrian Sterne

NevadaOne aspect of being granted one of the brand new Nevada State online gambling licenses is that the operators of such sites must be able to verifying that anyone who is accessing their sites is based within the State of Nevada.

If anyone attempts to access these poker sites from outside the State boundaries then they are unable to access the poker software and cannot play any of the available poker games. All such online poker sites holding one of these poker licenses have what is known as Geo Location software attached to their gaming platforms.

What this software enables the operators of the sites to do it to instantly see from where that player is based and then either allow them access to the site or lock them out of the site should they be from any other US Sate.

This is a reliable form of being able to verify whether players are in Nevada or not, however in the last few days a problem has been occurring whereby one of the major mobile phone network operators in the US was having some routine maintenance on their network within Nevada and during this time it interfered with the Geo Location software attached to all poker site licensed by Nevada.

This resulted in the sites being unable to verify where players accessing poker sites on mobile devices where based and as such anyone who has logged into the site before the routine mobile network maintenance then found themselves being kicked off the poker network!

This situation has now corrected itself, but what it does show that there are many external factors that can affect players ability to play online poker, and this could have proved very costly for those players should they have been playing in a poker tournament or a high stake poker game online at those poker sites.

In fact the Nevada Gaming Commission have just announced that they are going to be reviewing the technical side of their licensing approval and as such it is hoped that this review will enable them to take into account such events and that if a player is kicked off one of their licensed poker sites then they are given some form or recompense should their removal from the site be caused by factors out of that players control and if they ended up losing out financially!

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