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Snap Poker – How 888 Poker’s Snap poker works? How to play?

Snap Poker Rolling Out Across the 888 Poker Network

snap poker Having been in a beta mode for a short while the Snap Poker feature which has been exclusively found on the 888 Poker Network has now been rolled out and as such you are going to be able to take advantage of the fast fold option whenever you play Poker at the 888 site!

Have a look this nice article written by Paul Butcher from if you want to view the list of online poker websites to play snap poker.

The Snap Poker feature allows all of the 888 Poker players to fold their hand at any time without having to wait for the game to play out, and as such player get many more hands per session by not having to sit out each hand and then wait for other players to either fold or continue with the current game.

How Snap Poker Works?

Whenever you fold your hand when playing any of the Poker games which now feature this Snap Poker feature, you are immediately taken out of the current table you are playing at and are repositioned at another table that is just about to start.

If you are wondering just which games now have this very player friendly feature it is all of their ring table cash games along with their Sit n Go and Multi Table Poker Tournaments, so you are now guaranteed of being able to play many more hands per session at the 888 Poker site.

If you want to remain at the same Poker table and play against the same players you will find a Fold Watch and Play button and by clicking on that you will n to then be relocated to another table whenever you fold your hand but will remain at your current table so you can watch the action playing out right until the Showdown stage and then remain playing against the same Poker players.

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This Snap Poker feature is proving very popular with players who have always complained they end up sitting around for ages when playing most online Poker sessions and as such that is no longer going to be the case as the action is nonstop and will keep on flowing!

Should you wish to take part in these Snap Poker games then why not join up to the 888 Poker site right away and take advantage of their very generous sign up bonus which is available to all players who sign up today and then go on to make a real money deposit, we hope to see you there!

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