Sky Poker Updates Poker Platform

Last Updated on September 9, 2013 Author:Adrian Sterne

Sky PokerShould you be a Poker player at the Sky Poker site, you have probably been noticing just how tired looking their software platform has become, whilst when it first went live many years ago it was a fairly advanced piece of kit boasting, what at the time was many player friendly features.

However as the years has ticked by and with no major advancements or updates to their Poker software platform it has reached the point where it is now not as technically advanced as other Poker sites software platforms, however all that is about to change in the next few days!

There are going to be some major changes to the Poker software on offer at Sky Poker and some of these include a brand new feature for players this being the colour coded note feature whereby you can keep your own notes and comments on different players quickly and easily.

Another major advancement which really was long overdue is that players will now have the ability to fully resize the poker tables at which they are playing at, and the main benefit of this advancement is that everyone playing more than one game in the same session can now open several tables much more easily and play them all simultaneously.

Thanks to some huge improvements in both the graphics and even more importantly the playing controls this should see the Sky Poker software platform finally catching up with many other companies platforms, and as such you should get a much more enjoyable type of Poker playing session should you choose to play here, make sure you check out our exclusive guide to the best poker films to watch.

Should you never have played at Sky Poker before then pop over to their website today for they are giving away to all new Poker players a quite generous sign up bonus that should allow you to increase your starting bankroll and have much more funds available to put these software enhancement through their paces, so go on give the Sky Poker site a try today for freerolls promotions, you will certainly notice the difference if you have played there before, if not then you are in for a treat!

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