Shared US Tri-State Online Poker Pool Goes Live Next Month

Last Updated on April 17, 2018 Author:Adrian Sterne

Poker players in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have been eagerly waiting for the proposed shared online player liquidity to go live. There has not been a lot of information as to when this will take place and poker players have been kept in the dark.

Poker pros in the three states will be happy to know that the shared liquidity program will go live from May 1. Caesars Interactive Entertainment confirmed that Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey are finally merging their online poker pools, months after New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie signed the Multi State Internet Gaming Association (MSIGA).

Nevada and Delaware joined their poker markets in 2015 and will welcome New Jersey to the fold in May. The move is expected to bring larger prize pools, attract more players and boost poker revenue throughout the three states. There are also reports that based on the success of the tri-state poker liquidity arrangement; Pennsylvania could also end up joining the pools once it completes its expansion of its current gaming regulations.

In a statement, David Rebuck, director of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement said

This will raise jackpots and provide even greater opportunities for play. It also paves the way for additional states to join and grow the regulated, legal online poker market

Tri-State Poker Liquidity Will Have Slow Start

Only two Caesars poker brands are launching on May 1. The two brands are and During the process of the sharing of poker pools, players from Nevada and Delaware will be required to download new software and create a new account to be able to participate in the shared pools. Once all Nevada and Delaware players have migrated, the old software will cease to operate.

New Jersey players will have the luxury of having all the players migrate to their software. The migration of the two states to the New Jersey platform makes sense since New Jersey has had the biggest online gambling market since 2013. Having the two states migrate to the New Jersey platform is easier than requiring everyone to scrap their accounts and migrate to a new platform.

According to Caesars, they have already submitted their software for testing in all three jurisdictions and are now awaiting final approval from the states. To adjust to the larger player pools, peak times will be adjusted since the states are separated by three time zones.

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