Sashimi Poker’s Fake Nip Slip on HCL Sparks Debate Amongst Poker Fans December 8, 2022 Gabrielle Monet

Sashimi Poker’s Fake Nip Slip on HCL Sparks Debate Amongst Poker Fans

 Players December 8, 2022 by  Gabrielle Monet

Sashimi Poker's fake nip slip on Hustler Casino LiveSummary

  • Sashimi Poker has attracted massive attention following an apparent nip slip on HCL
  • As it turned out, the nip slip was fake and intentional to get attention
  • The stunt gained a mixed reaction from the poker community

A female poker player who goes by the name “Sashimi Poker” went viral recently after an incident at Hustler Casino Live (HCL).

No, she did not cheat. Viewers of the livestream cash game show went wild after the cameras captured one of her breasts peeping out from her daring black dress.

While everyone was going crazy about the apparent nip slip, it was later revealed that Sashimi was actually wearing a bodysuit and that the exposed breast was fake. Many poker fans found it hilarious, while others think it went too far.

Poker Community Reacts

HCL owner Nick Vertucci admitted on Twitter he himself was fooled by the gag. Co-owner Ryan Feldman also clarified that it was all Sashimi’s idea and that the management was clueless about it. While Vertucci, Feldman, and other popular poker players such as Jamie Kerstetter, Matt Berkey and Bill Perkins find it entertaining, the stunt doesn’t sit well with some viewers.

A Twitter user named Kenneth “KL” Cleeton slammed HCL, saying the show lost all of its credibility by tolerating the practice. HCL made headlines a few months back due to the controversial J-4 hand involving Robbi Jade Lew and Garrett Adelstein, with the former being accused of cheating.

Feldman thought it’s unfair to judge the show as creating a bad image of poker when all that the HCL team does is help grow the game. Responding to Cleeton, Feldman said they’ve been inviting popular influencers, athletes, music artists, and other celebrities to play on the show to promote poker to more people.

Feldman said though that he would have stopped Sashimi from pulling off that stunt if he knew about it in advance.

Publicity is Necessary to Grow the Game

The gimmick earned Sashimi plenty of attention as members of the poker community quickly became interested in her identity. Prior to the fake nip slip incident, the female poker player was not very well-known and would play using her alias.

Now, poker fans can confirm that her real name is Yuuki Kaida. She’s from Japan and she’s a regular on HCL. She has a YouTube poker channel where she usually livestreams her HCL games.

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