“Sashimi Poker” Calls HCL Rival a “Bitch” But Poker Fans Think It’s Staged January 13, 2023 Gabrielle Monet

“Sashimi Poker” Calls HCL Rival a “Bitch” But Poker Fans Think It’s Staged

 Players January 13, 2023 by  Gabrielle Monet

Yuuki "Sashimi" KaidaSummary

  • Sashimi Poker has attracted attention once again after calling a fellow female player a “bitch”
  • The poker community thinks everything is scripted, designed to attract publicity
  • HCL could be behind this latest stunt to gain more publicity

In December 2022, Japanese poker player “Sashimi Poker“, whose real name is Yuuki Kaida, created a buzz on social media after an apparent nip slip during a game at Hustler Casino Live (HCL).

It was later revealed that the exposed breast captured by the cameras wasn’t real. Sashimi was actually wearing a bodysuit. The boob exposure was intentional, but HCL denied any knowledge of it.

Another Marketing Stunt

Now, Sashimi has become the subject of poker conversations once again after she called a fellow player a “bitch”.

While last year’s nip slip was excellently executed that many poker fans though it was real, this time around the poker community is almost certain Sashimi’s bitch comment is scripted. The Japanese player was referring to Tao, a newcomer to HCL’s Max Pain Monday, the show where the fake nip slip happened.

Sashimi made the bitch remark after Tao, in a short video posted on Max Pain Monday’s Twitter page, said “Sashimi sucks at poker and is OLD“. The video looks staged too.

HCL won’t be able to wash its hands this time as it’s obvious the show is using the two female poker players for marketing purposes. It looks like the plan was to create tension between the players to ultimately attract attention and more views for the show.

HCL could be finding this type of marketing strategy effective, so we can expect more of this in future Max Pain Monday episodes. It also seems like the show is now leaning towards entertainment rather than poker action, so it won’t be surprising if HCL invites more players like Sashimi and Tao to grace the tables.

HCL also made headlines last year, thanks to the cheating controversy that erupted between Robbi Jade Lew and Garrett Adelson. It took a few months for that controversy to die down and now HCL is back in the spotlight though for a different reason.

Publicity is Good for Poker

Somehow, HCL’s latest marketing trick helps in promoting and growing the game of poker considering the amount of publicity it generates. With new faces coming to the show, the game gains a new audience. The fact that HCL is also inviting more female players helps in increasing women participation in the game. It’s a win-win situation after all.

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