Red Dead Online Poker Restricted Due To Gambling Laws

Last Updated on May 21, 2019 Author:Dusan Jovanovic

red dead online pokerCurrent gambling laws in some countries have hindered players from playing poker on Red Dead Online, the online component of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Since leaving the beta phase, Red Dead Online has undergone tons of updates, adding new content, fixing bugs, and rebalancing weapons and abilities.

Online poker has also been added to its offerings, giving players the chance to enjoy the game privately with their circle of friends, or go further by joining higher-stakes public tables. The game is available in five locations, namely Flatneck Station, Tumbleweed, Blackwater, Valentine and Saint Denis.

Rockstar Games


The inclusion of poker has made Red Dead fans truly excited but sadly many fans are realizing that not everyone will get the chance to join in on the action at the poker tables. Some players initially thought it might have been caused by a bug, prompting them to contact Rockstar Support.

As it turned out, the availability of poker in Red Dead Online is restricted, and largely depends on the laws and regulations in each region. This means players won’t be able to join tables in jurisdictions where online gambling is prohibited based on feedback from Rockstar Support. However, a player in Argentina insisted the feature was still blocked even though online poker games are allowed in the country.

Avoiding Future Issues

Red Dead Online only allows in-game currency to be used in its poker component. The online platform currently does not offer any option to use real money in joining tables. Real money can only be used to purchase gold, but that has no direct relationship with the funds that can be used in playing the game. This feature may have something to do with the access restrictions experienced by players in some regions.

As for the concern raised by an Argentine user, it can be noted that gambling laws are not centralized in the country. While some portions of Argentina allow real-money online gambling, other areas ban the practice. So it makes sense that Rockstar decided to block all Argentine players from accessing the feature.

Players can still bypass the restrictions through the use of VPNs but the risk of being banned from the game is high. With governments now getting tough on gambling in video games, current poker restrictions in Red Dead Online may be seen as a preventive measure by its parent company Rockstar Games. The video game publisher obviously wants to avoid being trapped in potential regulatory issues in the future.

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