PokerStars To Launch Anonymous Tables, To Protect Rec Players October 14, 2019 Stefan Nedeljkovic

PokerStars To Launch Anonymous Tables, To Protect Rec Players

 Poker News October 14, 2019 by  Stefan Nedeljkovic

PokerStars is considering moving away from fixed aliases in the next few months, allowing players to start playing anonymously at some tables in line with the site’s goal of protecting recreational players and the entire poker ecosystem in general.

While players may be allowed to play without using aliases at certain tables, they will be shown in the hand histories after the game is played.

This works in contrast with what is currently adopted in other online poker sites where unknown players play against each other, with their poker history disabled.

PokerStars explained that the new twist to hand histories will protect the integrity of the game by eliminating potential collusion, and getting rid of bot accounts that normally carry out illicit activities in the guise of anonymity.

Severin Rasset, PokerStars’ Managing Director and Commercial Officer for Poker said hand histories will be displayed 24 hours after the hand has been played to ensure player security. The new feature will also be great news for those using poker tracking software such as Holdem Manager 2 and Poker Tracker 4.

A number of major online poker sites have tried out anonymous tables before, with Unibet Poker the first operator to enable the feature after cutting ties with Microgaming Network back in 2014. Since operating through its own stand-alone platform, Unibet Poker has continually looked for ways in order to ensure the security of its players. It has banned downloadable histories and HUDs and players are allowed to alter their alias up to three times each day.

French-facing online poker site Winamax also allows optional anonymous tables, with players permitted to change their screen names every six months. Run It Once founder Phil Galfond also makes sure RIO players are protected from predatory behaviour by also prohibiting HUDs.

partypoker Takes A Different Stance

While partypoker has yet to adopt anonymous tables for its players, the site recently required all its users to change their alias as part of a major software update. A player’s screen name will also only be shown in hand histories for cash games.

While some operators are moving towards anonymous tables the world’s second largest poker site has taken a different route by launching real name cash games. This means players taking part in these games will have their actual name shown at tables, rather than their alias.

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