Pokerstars Set To Get New Jersey License? March 28, 2018 Adrian Sterne

Pokerstars Set To Get New Jersey License?

 Poker News April 8, 2014 by  Adrian Sterne

PokerstarsAs one of the most visited and played at online Poker sites the Pokerstars site has been a firm favourite with Poker players from all over the world for well over a decade now.

They had been hoping to become one of the newly licensed and regulated online Poker sites in New Jersey but up until this moment in time have found that their application to be given a license by the New Jersey State regulators has been suspended and has been put on hold.

The problems that the Pokerstars site has is that they permitted US based Poker players to play at their site after the US changed the laws regarding online gaming back in 2006, at the time when the US Government brought in the UIGEA in 2006 many Poker site and online gambling sites instantly closed down their US facing operations, however the Pokerstars site continued to permit US based players to access their site and play Poker online for real money.

The New Jersey State regulators chose to suspend their decision on Pokerstars being granted one of their much sought after online gambling licenses to allow them more time to look into the company and make a decision on whether they are worthy of one of their licenses based on Pokerstars falling foul of the UIGEA regulations brought in during 2006.

However, it now looks like the New Jersey State regulators may be about to make their mind up as to whether they are going to grant the Pokerstars site with a gaming license that will allow them to offer their real money Poker games to players based within the State boundaries, but no one seems able to predict just which way the decision will go, and many commentators are undecided whether they will be granted one or whether they will not!

Pokerstars is currently fully licensed and regulated on the Isle of Man and is a very popular Poker site with players in most other countries obviously bar the US, they have always been a very well run Poker site and one that offers lots of Poker games, Poker Tournaments and Poker bonuses and Poker Comps and have never had any type of scandal surrounding them and have never had any type of problems paying their winning players, so let us hope sooner rather than later US based Poker players will be able to join up to their site!

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