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PokerStars Linking Up With the Gardens?

 Poker News July 25, 2013 by  Adrian Sterne

PokerstarsWith a growing number of land based poker venues now seeking to move their operations into the online gaming environment, many US States are still running around trying to get together the ideal framework to allow them to regulate and license such online poker sites, and whilst many US States are nowhere near having any form of framework in place, this has not stopped some established and trusted online poker sites talking to land based poker venues in the hopes of them doing some form of deal in regards to a collaboration of the two.

Word is currently spreading that one of the world’s biggest and most populated online poker sites that being Poker Stars is in very advanced talks with the Los Angeles land based venue The Gardens, and as such many people are wondering if these two very highly regarded sites and venues are about to form some sort of partnership and start to offer online poker players a one stop site for all of their poker playing action.

It should however be noted that California has always taken a very dim view to any form of online gambling and it will be no easy task for either of these two companies to get themselves deemed to be legal for online poker playing action, however it is to be remembered that Poker Stars are no longer in the sights of the US Government having recently settled out of court for their past misdemeanours by allowing US based players to play at their online poker site.

This did cost them a huge amount of money, however as it has now been paid and fully sorted out and the slate being wiped clean, then Poker Stars are one of only a hand full of online poker sites who are in a very strong position to jump into the American online poker playing marketplace when it is finally legalised which is should be very soon.

We will of course keep you fully up to date with any further information on this possible tie up with these two companies, and should we hear of any other land based poker venues who are talking to either Poker Stars or in fact any other online poker site we will of course passed this information straight on to you as soon as we have all of the facts and any related figures!

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