PokerStars Hoping To “Create Unique Poker Experience” at PSPC 2019

Last Updated on July 6, 2018 Author:Adrian Sterne

PokerStars announced a new and unique event known as the “Player’s No-Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC)” in 2017.

This special event was focused to create a unique poker experience for its players and was promoted as the biggest high stakes poker tournament in the history of the game.

The buy-in to this event is set at $25,000 and that is an amount of money that the everyday poker pro would find hard to come up with. To keep its commitment of creating a unique poker experience for every players, PokerStars decided to give away more than 300 Platinum Passes to players. Each pass had a value of $30,000 which included the $25,000 buy-in plus travel and accommodation expenses to the Bahamas.



PokerStars Director of Marketing David Carrion came up with a fantastic marketing strategy to promote the event and create quite a buzz in the community. With more than 300 free passes to be given away, logistics would have been a nightmare. But Carrion highlights the competence of PokerStars to pull off this kind of huge promotion and says that PokerStars have always taken pride in being the most reliable and safe playing platform, enabling them to deliver these kinds of tournaments and promotions with ease.

PSPC Fever Starting To Grow Fast

The hype is really starting to take off as PokerStars ramps up its marketing and promotional activities for the PSPC. PokerStars is set to give away $9 million in Platinum Passes and over a 100 passes have already been won by players at different PokerStars events.

PokerStars has also come up with the Platinum Pass Adventure Programs where brand ambassadors give away Platinum Passes via their unique programs.

David Carrion said that the thrust of the PSPC is to give the chance to all players and people from different backgrounds and bankrolls to experience the poker vacation of their lives.

In a statement, Carrion said,

We want to present a high stakes game that creates drama and tension to amplify the excitement and the thrill of the game. At the same time, we want to make it accessible so that all sorts of poker fans, players and pros can come together and play for life-changing amounts of money

The PSPC is scheduled to take place in Jan 2019 in the Bahamas before the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA). Visit PokerStars to check out the ways to win a Platinum Pass to the PSPC.

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