PokerStars Getting Bigger Each Day of the Week March 28, 2018 Adrian Sterne

PokerStars Getting Bigger Each Day of the Week

 Poker News October 29, 2014 by  Adrian Sterne

PokerstarsIt has been quite a while since we took a look over one of our featured and top rated poker sites, for those sites are always renowned for giving players the ultimate online poker playing experience, and the quality of their respective poker sites and poker platforms always speak for themselves.

However, today we are going to take a look at just how far the PokerStars site has come in the last few years, and should you be on the lookout for a brand new poker site at which to play at then you will find they always offer you everything you are looking for and are a poker site you can trust!

We have therefore below put together some facts and figures relating to the PokerStars site that any online real money poker player is going to find appealing, and if you fancy playing at a top rated and highly recommended online affilate poker website you will be hard pressed to find a better run and operated one than Poker Stars!

50 Million+ Members – It will probably amaze you to learn than since they went live PokerStars has had over 50 million poker players sign up to their poker site, and that does of course mean they are always a very busy site and you will always find plenty of poker opponents to take on and play against when you play there!

100 Billion+ Hands Played – Over 100 billion hands of poker have been played at the PokerStars site since they first went live and we just know you are not going to find a site that has had that many hands dealt out!

2.2 Million Hands per Hour – The number of hands played every single hour at PokerStars is enormous and as such you are guaranteed to finding the exact type of poker game you are looking to play no matter when you choose to log on and play.

New Mobile Poker Site – PokerStars have recently launched their state of the art Mobile Poker site and as such you can now play poker instantly no matter where you are or when you want to play!

Huge Sign-Up Bonus – Finally if you have not already signed up and been playing at PokerStars then there really is no better time to do just that, for currently their new player sign up bonus is one of the most generous ones available at any poker site, so make sure you make full use of it and sign up today!

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