PokerStars Enlists Athletes To Launch Marketing Campaign

Last Updated on August 4, 2015 Author:Adrian Sterne

PokerstarsAmaya Inc owned PokerStars is the biggest online poker website in the world because it is constantly looking for ways to promote and expand its brand and customer base. PokerStars has recently focused on collaborating with some of the biggest and most popular international athletes in the world.

The company has signed up a number of global superstars such as Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Brazil’s Neymar Jr who are two of the biggest names in football. Both Ronaldo and Neymar have a huge international following on the social media accounts and PokerStars has planned a strategic marketing campaign that will look to take advantage of social media platforms to promote their brand.

PokerStars recently launched its biggest marketing campaign on Facebook and will rely on both Ronaldo and Neymar to use their fan base to push the PokerStars campaign. The new marketing campaign consists of two special PokerStars videos which are expected to go on live TV in the next couple of weeks.

PokerStars has decided to give Ronaldo’s 104 million Facebook fans and Neymar’s 53 million Facebook fans an exclusive preview for both these videos. PokerStars has invested heavily into this promotion campaign by making two special videos that showcase how much Ronaldo and Neymar love the game of poker. The total viewership of the recent Champions League final was around 180 million and the combined fans between Ronaldo and Neymar is around 157 million. PokerStars believes that this exclusive Facebook campaign will play a vital role in introducing the PokerStars brand to a global audience and will also attract a new set of players who want to try their hand at poker for the first time.

In a statement, Tarquin Henderson, Head of EMEA Gaming Sales at Facebook said

People come to Facebook to discover things that matter to them, whether it’s photos from their friends and family, videos from brands they love, or posts from their favorite celebrities.

PokerStars’ campaign combines the best of this – fresh, engaging content from two of the biggest footballers on the planet. And thanks to Facebook’s scale and unparalleled targeting tools, these videos will reach the most relevant audience, from poker and gaming fans to football aficionados.

PokerStars hired top music and commercial video director Vaughan Arnell to produce these two videos which were filmed in Madrid and Barcelona. The full commercials are expected to go on live TV on the 17th of August 2015.


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