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'The Mindfulness Series' by and Poker Life IndiaIndia’s leading online poker platform has joined forces with Poker Life India for the “Mindfulness Series“, a new initiative which aims to promote the importance of mindfulness and nurturing our mental health especially as we deal with the ongoing global health crisis.

The Mindfulness Series involves interactive video sessions with well-known international mindset coaches, including Karim Chelli, founder of Karim Chelli Mentoring and Adam Carmichael of Winners Edge Poker.

Raj Shrestha Juneja, poker player and founder of Poker Life India, engages in conversation with a special guest each week, discussing the subject of mindfulness and mental health.

Every Monday, a video of the interview will be uploaded on PokerBaazi and Poker Life India’s social media channels. The goal is to educate people about how important it is to maintain awareness of our thoughts and feelings and focusing our attention on the present moment especially at a time when everyone has become prone to anxiety and stress due to the pandemic.

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Mindfulness Is Important in Poker

Mindfulness teaches people how to make informed decisions, and be more patient and productive as they go about their day-to-day life. These skills also play an essential role in a player’s performance in the mind sport of poker as the game also requires mental fortitude, proper focus, self-discipline, and mental and emotional control.

With the new initiative, players will be able to learn how to maintain good mental health and practice responsible gaming which in turn will help them reach their full potential and achieve a wholesome gaming experience.

You may catch the first episode on PokerBaazi’s official Facebook page, as well as Poker Life India’s YouTube channel. It discusses the key elements that define your mindset, and what you need to do to play poker with perspective. More videos will be uploaded soon.

PokerBaazi will also be hosting a contest on Instagram in which the winner will be awarded with a 30-minute one-on-one session with mindset coach Adam Carmichael.

This isn’t the first time that PokerBaazi has run a similar initiative. In July 2020, the online poker platform also partnered with Poker Boot Camp India for “Mental Health at the Felts“, with the aim of educating people how to better cope with the pandemic. It formed part of the operator’s “Baazi Care” program which was launched in 2019.

PokerBaazi has remained committed to promoting responsible gaming and good mental health among players, and its latest collaboration with Poker Life India is a testament to that commitment.

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