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Poker Sites Finally Launch Mobile Poker Apps

 Poker News September 11, 2013 by  Adrian Sterne

iPoker NetworkPlaytech have been gearing up to release their brand new iPoker App since March, in fact we expected it to be released quite a few months ago, however after a very long beta period we have just been informed the initial roll out of their brand new HTML5 browser based iPoker App has finally gone live at just a couple of the Poker sites using their platform.

These first two Poker sites to offer their customers this brand new Poker App is Bet365 Poker and Winner Poker, it is to be expected that all of the other sites utilizing the iPoker Network will soon be adding this App to their available platforms.

We have given this new Poker App some serious play time and are very impressed with the way it works and operates, and finally we have found a Poker App that lives up to its hype! For reference if you wish to utilize the brand new iPoker App then as long as you have an Android phone or a mobile device using iOS then you are good to go and we do think you will also be impressed by the quality of graphics and the way it works and operates.

You are able to play an access plenty of cash Poker games using this Poker App and thanks to the recently launched Speed Poker suite of games you will be able to fire through plenty of games per session you play, which is of course very important when you are playing on any mobile device for you do not want an App that is going to drain your battery too quickly!

It should be pointed out that at this moment in time you are not going to be able to access any of the many iPoker network wide Poker Tournaments via this new App, however as the App gets established and Playtech work their usual magic over it we expect Poker players to soon have access to the many daily Poker Tournaments that iPoker sites offer their army of Poker players!

So if you do fancy getting stuck into utilizing this brand new Poker App then all you need to do id to visit either of the two Poker site websites we mentioned above and follow the links to their mobile site, and in no time at all you will be ready to roll!

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